When you don’t have much time or are busy with work, how do you keep a nice routine?

Cameron Q.
If you are limited on time focus on a shorter more compact routine. You might not be able to spend as much time as you want on things, but if you keep the routine going you'll build great habits regardless
William C.
I’m lucky enough to only work 3 days a week so on those days my morning exercise is done at work. I keep an under desk elliptical. I use it for at least 30 minutes through out the day. Sometimes my stretching is done before bed.
Louane Z.
If I'm busy I cut down my routine to the very basics of the routine and try to keep it under ten minutes. Especially, my night routine. I love the night so I love going through an extensive night time routine. However, when life is busy I dont have the energy to go through with total mindfulness and I end up cutting it down to the bare bones. Washing my face is really important, brushing my teeth, and listening to something relaxing and I'm all set
Signe A.
Stay on track the best I can and if I get far off of track and am unable to meet all my Fabulous goals, I remember I am working the program for me and get back at it the next day or as soon as I can.
Clara B.
This is a really tough question because unfortunately there's no easy answer. You just have to prioritise your routine, make it realistic and then make time.
Elisah E.
View your routine as something that you do for yourself, as a gift you make for yourself everyday, that way you’ll make it a priority to look after yourself before anything else.
Carmen J.
Do the basics like drink water breath and little movements and try to keep close in mind WALK put it on your computer screen on a stick note, so you can hide it when crazy work mates make it hard !!! Remember it’s for YOU and your great!
Sheila Q.
I try really hard to but I usually don’t do I try to pick the most important thing in my routine and spend the extra time I do have doing that
Samir Q.
I'm working on getting as prepared as possible to execute the routine. Eg for morning routine, setting up my water glass and everything I need for breakfast the night before: cutlery, bowl, clean saucepan for porridge on the stove with a wooden spoon in it, put the bag of oats by the pan, gathering all the breakfast ingredients in one place in the fridge so I can just reach in and get them without having to think about it. When I get to the kitchen slightly bleary-eyed in the morning I've forgotten I've done this and I have this little moment of joy seeing the stuff all ready to go in front of me. It's like a little gift to myself from the me of the day before, making my morning just that bit easier 🙂
Torquato C.
I hone in on the things I chose to have in my routine and remember why they are there. I chose them because they are important and I can't compromise on that. My goal has been to complete my routine right away to save time (especially in the morning) and so I'm not so lazy. I try not to skip any part of my routine but rather modify it to still make it work. Like when I gave too much going on fir a specific day it makes going to the gym difficult but I can still complete my exercise habit by doing a home workout or dancing.
Irma C.
In those cases I cut myself some slack. I either do a small portion of each element of my routine, or I leave one element out altogether. Skipping a day now and then is OK. Just so you get back at it next day.
Len Cia Q.
It is so hard when work and life takes all the time, I think in the end we just need to make sure we TAKE the time. Even if it’s only a five minute abs routine or a fast (get that breath going) walk around the block also see that as exercise!
Kenneth S.
I feel that the idea of a routine should start with small targets. Have 2 or 3 habits to start with and have those with very small targets. For ex: if you are starting exercise as a new habit in your routine, start with a target of 2 mins or 3 mins everyday. Just wear your exercise dress and shoes, go out for a min and come back. That shud do. This is something you can never avoid even when it's a hectic day. This will enable you to build a habit. You can increase incrementally. Consistency is the key – its not how long we do at once, it's how many days we can do consistently. Cuz we want to build long term habits. And once the habit is established, if you still lose the momentum for any reason, come back to small targets to rebuild. Else it may never restart. Happy routine formation. Cheers.
Dorian S.
Simplify your routine the best you can. Pick how much time you have to devote to your routine and set a timer or alarm to keep you on track.
Alfred Z.
Do at least the bare minimum of each part of your routine. Wake up, have a glass of water, eat a quick bowl of pineapple and cottage cheese or whatever your favorite quick food is, do 30 jumping jacks, jot down five thoughts in your journal, and then meditate for five minutes. Done.
Vernon Q.
I find preparing myself for the busy days ahead of time helps? If I know I'm going to have a busy week, I hardboil 10 eggs for the work week on Sunday and buy some fruit. Then I know a healthy breakfast is already done and there is less between me and it.
For exercise, if I can't do a whole yoga session, i have back ups. I will instead do 5 knee pushups and a plank as long as I can hold it. Or will dance to one song. Anything to keep the habit there and going, even if it's not necessarily the most or best the habit can be. Preparation and having less intense back ups already in mind are what have helped me!
L Rke P.
How do you get the motivation to exercise on a regular basis, and how do you know the best type of exercise for you and your lifestyle?
Holly U.
The easiest way I keep to my routine is to keep it short, easy, and to do what matters most even if I end up doing my morning routine late that's fine at least it's done. Don't overwhelm yourself work at at a pace that's comfortable to you because making you a happier, healthier, and better you is all that matters not time frames
Kai O.
My last 2 weeks were busy with loads of work and some days I were following my nice routine and other days I was just skipping and telling my self I will continue my nice routine of new habits when I got time. It was a total lie for myself and I have observed that the days when I didn't follow my nice routine I felt tired, anxious, hating my job and had negative thoughts. On the other hand, the days when I did just a short exercise and meditation lift up my day and my emotions. So now I am trying to keep following my nice morning routine every day even I have little time. Just 5 minute of meditation or light joyful moves are enough to feel good!
Barcino Z.
I break it down to the most basic, essential parts, cutting the fat. In the past I've put "10 mins of duolingo" or "30 mins of reading". Sometimes you've gotta go back to basics.
Carl C.
I get busy with work starting at 9am but sometimes I check up the phone and finds notifications from Fabulous to remind me about my routine. That time I can remind myself to take a quick break for some routines 🙂
Ekkehart U.
I go to bed early. I wake up early enough to drink water, eat good breakfast and dance to a couple of Michael Jackson songs😊
Michelle F.
As long as you start super easy and quick then build up your consistency I'll be easy to figure out how to fit in afterwards. If you sit down with pen and paper and figure how many hours there are in a week then subtract work & sleep and other commitments you'll see this still a good amount of time left
Jacob Y.
Consistency is key. I try to always keep track of my habits as well as the factors around me that influence me to do them promptly or not!
Depending on the time of day and my work schedule, I always think of myself first in order to complete these healthy habits. I want to, long term, be a healthier, happier, more successful person. That is what motive me the most! 🥳
Amanda Y.
I’m new to Fabulous so right now I have morning, afternoon and evening routines that are simple. I’m working on developing some very basic self care habits that should be very easy to do. Eat breakfast, brush teeth, take medicine, go for a 5 minute walk and “reflect on what I trying to become and why” are most of the things I’m doing. This all reinforces that I need to take care of myself consistently and that I’m worth the 5-10 mins each routine takes. I plan to add more in a few weeks once these are habits.
Chester J.
Humm.. Sometimes I get off track due to verwhelming work days, but I made some tricks to help me stay on the road.
For example, if I'm too tired from work and get home late I'll probably be too exhausted to workput, so instead I workout in the morning when I'm full of energy and stress free.
For meditation I tell myself it's just 10 minutes so I can do it before I sleep. Reading, ai tend to read in the morning when drinking my coffee or before sleeping.
So to answer you question, first I don't overwhelme myself with too many routines for now I'm focusing on 3 (workibg out, meditating and reading) and I try to find the beat stress free times to fit them into my day.
Hope this helps :3
Rolf Peter F.
I remember to prioritize myself. Sounds silly I know, but I make myself pause and check in with myself. If I need the time to unwind, then I take it. But if I’m just making excuses? Push on.
Sans O Q.
Make time in your schedule for at least parts of your routine. If you know you will have less time in the morning, wake up a little earlier.