What do I do on days where I don’t feel that I have the energy or willpower to exercise?

J Lia S.
I think it is very okay to skip it some days. The app will always remind you to do it, so even if you miss some days, you can get back to your routine anytime!

Theo J.
Tbh, I struggle with the same thing… Instead of doing a long workout, I do some form of workout movement for 10-15 minutes everyday I’m attempt to making it a routine. This way, it becomes second nature to do it. Moral of the story: start small and work your way up.

Noo M.
Actually I go watch a movie or show and he eats a lot and just chill and just sitting in my bed and just worry about a thing and don’t fight with things that I worry about and yeah maybe I’m go out

Chloe E.
i literally always feel like this but i always get so angry whenever i cannot finish a routine because of me not exercising. It’s normal to feel unmotivated but what i do is i take deep breaths, find a short work out and i do it. Whether i like it or not and i always feel better after

Darrell S.
Tbh i used to jst surrender to laziness but now I say to myself it's now or never I still have one year to achieve my goals so I can't let laziness get into my way

Jonathan P.
Speak it into existence. The power of voice is amazing. Your body can do more then your brain thinks at times. It’s about mental toughness.

Ellie P.
Meditation, eating health food, going out for a walk, breathing some air haha, drinking water is also important. These are the things that come to my moment