Dear Friends, do you have a particular exercise routine for mornings for amateurs with a duration of about 5 minutes? Just to awake the muscles?

Maya E.
There are terrific morning yoga routines on youtube that are free to use. I really enjoy "yoga with Adriene" but that's just my preference 🙂 yoga really helps to stretch and warm up your muscles
Bobbie A.
I actually an amateur too.. i dont really now about that, but every morning i used to sit up for a minute. thats all. Sorry if its not really help 🙏
Emily X.


Jocelino Q.
Here's a couple options to try. A super set of knee push-ups and body weight squats:

Set 1: Push ups x 8, squats x 16.
Rest x 1 minute
Set 2: Push ups x 10, squats x 20.
Rest x 1 minute
Set 3: Push ups x 12, squats x 24.

And that should put you around 5 minutes. Some variations you can try:
1.) MIx is lunges for a set of squats,
2.) Add jumping jacks or burpees as you progress
3.) Use weights for bicep curls or tricep extensions
4.) Use a resistance band to stretch back while resting
5.) Add sit-ups or planks for core work (push-ups, squats, then planks).

Hope this helps! Good luck!

Gina U.
I start with 3 simple streches that I complete 5 times each exercise. I plan on incorporating more exercises along the way and increase this slowly to ensure it is embedded.
Adri O S.
When I’m just starting to workout again after not having worked out in a while I like to pick simple exercises to do, 40 seconds on with a 20 seconds break. Pick 5 exercises, and that’ll make up a quick 5 min workout that will get you in the habit. I’d recommend pushups, squats, lunges, crunches and jumping jacks. So you’d do push-ups at your own pace for 40 seconds then rest for 20, then squats for 40, rest for 20 and so on. Once this starts to seem easy you can add on more exercises or do another round.
Ugo N.
I'm lucky enough to be able to walk to work in less than 20 minutes. I do a stretch to make sure I don't hurt myself and then I walk to work (and back in the evening)
Susan Q.
Yes. I do an exercise by using app which proposes each time 3 minutes set of easy fitness. We can choose number of sets and the level.
Howard X.
Yes, I have a Yoga stretching routine that I do in the mornings to awake my body with some cow and cat poses, downward dog, and sun salutations. There is not better way to start my day than moving my body.
Bertram Z.
Light stretches or yoga is perfect for a wake up routine as it is very low intensity and can be done with virtually no equipment
Monica B.
I'd say do some light stretching then go for push ups (around 20) followed by pull ups (20 if you can). Next do 20 dead squats. Rest for 30 secs and repeat.
Erik Y.
I would recommend doing 50 or so jumping jacks but that’s just me there’s other exercises too like running, sit-ups, even pushups!
Cristine F.
I either go for 3 minute abs workout or 1 minute just get moving depending on my sleep and how well I feel in the morning.
But now I think about it🤔, just get moving + abs workout would be much better when done together. But of course do just get moving first wake your muscles up ☺️
Jeannette N.
I do have one. First, before any exercise, it's good to stretch a little. Then you can start with a few jumping jacks. Squats can follow and then you can do crunches. You can finish with doing the plank. If it's your first time doing the exercises I recommend that you do them for 15 seconds then every day they can gradually get longer. Other easy exercises are: wall sit, Russian twist, standing calf raises, superman and lunges
Math O W.
Gently Stretching your limbs/muscles ( like a cat does), upon waking up will gently rouse you from sleepiness. Try body brushing also to wake up the lymph drainage system and the nerves. Good morning!