I eat a lot… I mean really it’s like there’s a black hole in my stomach. I am not an overweight person for now but I know I will be one someday If I continue like this. Any suggestions?

Olee N.

I think you should start by understanding why you eat a lot.
– is it because you're stressed out?
– is it because you're in a tempting environment?
– is it because you kept a bad habit in the past?
– or is it simply because your body needs it (some people just naturally burn more calories)

Try to identify the root cause and the triggers.

Then, what is "a lot"? Is it a lot of sweet/fast food? Or is it actually a healthier mix?

I suggest in the short term to prioritize quality instead of quantity. Since you are not overweight, focus on avoiding the skinny fat trap and make sure you get a balanced diet. Have more fatty fish, nuts, organic fruits and vegetables. Eat them first before being tempted by desert or fries for instance.

Once this becomes a habit, your body will love the nutrition and you'll get rid of the fear of being fat.

Nieja Z.
I mean figure out the cause of eating? Are you eating just because? Are you a stress eater? If you're eating because you're hungry then you may just have a fast metabolism and need the fuel. Especially if you're active. But if you're eating for another reason then figure out the cause and create a different coping mechanism. Easier said than done I know but figuring out the problem is the first step to fixing it
Nick W.
I really want to have a morning exercise routine as I know it makes me feel good long-term but how can I motivate myself, and find ways to exercise in the mornings, when I am not a morning person and struggle to get out of bed, and I have to feed, dress, and drop my toddler off (as well as get myself ready for half a work day) at daycare by 8am?
Nelita C.
Eat a 100% whole-food plant-based diet with extra importance given to low calorie density foods such as leafy greens and other non-starchy vegetables. No more needs to be said.
Evelyn T.
i always try to eat in smaller chunks more regularly and drink lots of water.i also have the same problem but i workout a lot so i burn it easy but when i had stopped working out i tried this and it really helped.I really hope this helps and remember you are beautiful exactly the way you are no matter what 🙂
Gino U.
hiya, so it really depends on the food your eating and your diet. i’m really conscious of my weight so i’ve been looking through pinterest finding some nice workouts so if you’d like i can suggest some for abs. but what i am getting from your message is that you can’t stop eating, sorry if i’m wrong. but what i would suggest is to cut down on unhealthy food for a week or two and see how the results turn out and keep track (write in a notebook) of what you’ve ate in the day. good luck!
Kenzi U.
Maybe reflect on this: are you eating out of boredom or seeking stimulation via food (for example crunchy textures)? It’s also always useful to introduce some movement to your days, especially if you’re worried about having an unhealthy lifestyle.
Aziz F.
I know how you feel. Being a 16 year old boy and a type 1 diabetic I know you can sometimes feel like nothing can satisfy your hunger. I make sure I eat medium to big meals and after I drink a big cup of water. Another thing I do is eat spicy food, so my body doesn’t feel like eating anything else. If you feel hungry though, eat! Don’t try to fight the hunger, because the hunger will always win. You got this!
Timmothy Z.
Give away unhealthy food, and also you have to be on a diet 6 days in a week, on Sundays you should prize yourself, you can eat anything you want.