What do you do when you don’t “feel” like it?

Johnni U.
Think about the goal that you’re ultimately going after and why you’re going after it. Having that drive and remembering your “why” will help in those moments of not “feeling like it”
Floyd T.
Do a small version of what ever it is. Say it’s starting homework, just start a doc and put your name at the top. If it is exercise, do a little stretch. If it is meditation, take three big breaths and feel your body. Write down why you’re doing it, big picture, like “to feel free in my body” but your words. A good Why is a great motivator. You can celebrate the little stuff and over time you’ll be better off than if you do absolutely nothing.
Dennis U.
I can be hard. And the main thing is to listen to your body. If you sit and think I dont want to do that food prep or exercise. Or tidy up etc.

Listen to your body….are you really achy or drained

Or are you just fed up and tired.

If you are just fed up and tired think how you would feel when you accomplish it. Imagine how good you will feel, how great and complete it will make you…ticking that box

If you are worn out , worn down, achy, drained. Listen to your body. Will doing that activity make you feel better? Will completing it make you feel better or worse.

Its weighing it up and only you can answer it properly.

Jeanette U.
This is why I own Fabulous; I don't need to think about details like that.

I wrote down a list of what I need to do, and
I go through my list.

The checkbox is waiting.

Same C.
Too often I don’t do it. For example really hard not to drink coke. Or I might procrastinate. Do something else. Surf web. how do I overcome the urge when I don’t feel like it? Sometimes try and reflect on the commitment I made to myself or others
Milan E.
Honestly, just don't feel on it. Assume in your mind that is not a choice. Don't mentally give yourself the option of not doing it. Groan and acknowledge " wow, not into this today' but then yourself up and do it anyway. Tell yourself you can't leave it undone. Think about consequences of not doing it. Focus on that rather than the discomfort you might feel if you do it. Choose discomfort over despair and resentment and guilt
Melanie Z.
Promise yourself a bit of chocolate afterwards. You'll get that feel good reward to reinforce the habit a bit,and convince yourself to actually do it. Just make sure to eat the chocolate AFTER, not before. No matter how tempting
Debbie O.
If we are talking emotionally in general I get back to basic: take care of yourself and your direct environment. Like cold shower and tidying up. If we are talking about task than determining a minimum so I can feel like I am not breaking a chain and just doing that. Take care of yourself and your mental well being.
Adalgisa Q.
I just push myself to do it because I know the feeling when you really feel like you’v pushed passed your boundaries challenge yourself and achieving something. And I know that if I don’t do it I will never feel that good, it is being reluctant now to feel amazing later and if you don’t do it you know you will regret it💪
Oliver F.
I try to remind myself how disappointed I will feel if I don't follow through. And how fullfilling it feels, and also the pride in completing a task or comitment.
Marjorie O.
I remind myself that the point of all of this is to develop discipline.
But I don't stop there. I also look back at my day and week and check to make certain I haven't made any big changes in my routine that may be exhausting me. Am I getting enough sleep? Have I been over doing a piece of my routine? Am I doing something that is countering the positive effects of my routine?
I try to stick to my routine's parameters. I keep in mind that adding things to my day comes at a price. I'm not a bottomless well of energy. I have to prioritize where I spend myself.
Francis Q.
I usually watch a motivational speech or read a motivational letter or something like that. This gives me energy and motivation to do it
Ortrun B.
When I don’t feel like it I normally just don’t do it. Or I tend to procrastinate and half way do things. I do feel bad about not doing it but it doesn’t stop me the next time the feeling arises. I will meditate on it and help me to get better at it.
Jenny S.
Sometimes, you really aren't feeling up to your normal workout routine due to external circumstances, and when that happens to me, I try to do something smaller or easier than my normal schedule. If I normally lift weights or run on the elliptical, I'll just take a walk. If you just "don't feel like it" because you'd rather do something else, I normally either switch my day around so I get other things done and then feel more motivated, or I switch my workout regime so I DO start looking forward to the workout. But really, I stay motivated by constantly checking my progress every few days and imagining what it is I'm working toward and why. I write it all down in multiple places so I'll see it, and I talk about my goals with my close friends so they hold me accountable. There are lots of tactics to work around the laze" of not feeling like it."
Victor Z.
I try to start. So for example if I need to workout and I seriously don't feel like it, I start by laying the mat. If I need to make breakfast, I start by putting out the ingredients in the counter. Usually, the hardest part of doing anything is starting it, so if you trick your mind into doing something that will trigger the former and your body to do the habit you don't feel like doing, you'll eventually do it. Of course, some days you'll speculate what harm it could make to break the chain, but it does more than one might think, as you interrupt a chain of habits that you've worked hard to ingrain within yourself. So maybe instead of not cooking breakfast you could prepare beforehand a basket full of protein bars, fruits and nuts for when you don't feel like cooking. Instead of not working out at all, you could go for a quick walk, do a light yoga routine or maybe even dance. If you don't feel like studying or working on tjta huge project, maybe start your day by doing mindless tasks and chores to free your time in the future for that big project you don't feel like working on.
Duane E.
I try to look at images that make me want too…. for example not wanting to workout, I go to Instagram and look at women who work out and that gets me going and helps me want to complete my workout
Elli Q.
Have someone motivate you. Or you could simply do a little activity that will get you up and moving. It could be as simple as walking or cleaning up the house.
John F.
I try using my phone or reading…half the time I see myself just getting up to do it, it's boring but once I get it done I feel relieved
Eberardo Q.
Honestly? This one’s hard. I’m a very self motivated person so when I don’t want to do something, it sucks. But at this point I remember that I have to persist, because falling off of the wagon is a lot worse in the long run.
Aureliana E.
I used to find it hard to resist, thinking it’s just me being kind to myself and that I might trying to do these things every day might be a bit *much*. But then I realised it was actually my self destructive side not liking me taking care of myself, so I started viewing it as such an fighting it when it happens, knowing I will feel much better after I’ve meditated, exercised etc
Mille C.
I remind myself that I'm the best me I can be right now. I remind myself that I don't have to be on top of the world every day to be "okay" and that it's okay to not feel okay. Sometimes it doesn't help, so I take time to write out a list of every little thing I need to do that day. Everything, and I do mean everything, goes on the list. It starts with waking up, then it's getting out of bed, and everything I do in the day goes on the list, and gets checked off one by one. It's a great feeling of accomplishment, and it puts the value into the things we don't always think have value. – C
Cecilie B.
Mostly, I don’t. I will think of the goal I’m shooting for, or the people relying on me, but if that doesn’t motivate me I’ll rest. Or do something else entirely. Then I’ll come back to it.
Valentina T.
I often ask myself the question, is it worth it? Is it worth it to watch some netflix instead of studying aka working on myself, my dreams, my goals. Sometimes the answer is yes, because you need a break. But most of the time it is no. And I try to always be honest with my answers and do the thing that is actually worth my time and energy. I also remind myself that the moments you dont feel like it are often the moments you need it the most, sticking to your routine or whatever.
Filippa C.
Say to yourself "I will just do a little bit for 5 minutes. It's only 5 minutes. The time will soon be up."
You usually end up doing more and often end up finishing what you started.
For example, tidying the kitchen before you go to bed can be hard when you are tired. But because you know that it's only for 5 minutes, you can manage it. Even if you do only end up doing the 5 minutes, that small amount of time makes a difference, and in the morning, it's lovely to come in to a tidier space to start your day.
Abigail X.
i usually lie down, thinking of my reason why started doing these in the first place, sometimes i win and do it, sometimes i lose and just procrastinate, and then totally miss my routine for the rest of the week