Do you consider exercise a chore or a privilege? Why?

Guterre C.
It can be a little of both because in my household, there are people who don't think I need to exercise because I'm “too skinny” but it is a privilege because not everyone has the equipment or even the music to do so!!🥰

Shy T.
A privilege and a chore. It's a self maintenance activity that not everybody has the time or resources to be able to do on a regular basis

Leilani S.
I consider exercise a privilege because it reminds me that I have some off time to do my thing and take care of myself. Even though I work 4 jobs, the fact that I can still find time outside of my day to do just a little bit of exercise allows me to continue to reset my mind and help me balance my day as well 😊.

Noemi S.
I think everyone can exercise if they want in many possible way
For exercise u dont necessarily have to go to the gym but u can also do it calmly at home 🙂

Ray J.
When you first start , it can feel like a chore to be honest but when you get used to it , it becomes a privilege because with every day that you exercise you realize all the things your body can do and endure

Katiane Q.
Both of them, a chore 'cause exercise only need the body and 10 minutes per day and a privilege 'cause not everyone has the opportunity to move parts of their body.

Heather G.
I consider exercise a little bit of both, it may seem like a chore, bc you have to work for your results. It’s also a privilege, bc a lot of people can’t exercise and if you can you can choose to use that privilege for your own good.