Can anyone reccomend a training schedule to lose weight in a healthy way?

Sally Z.
A training schedule can only be designed to fit your needs through consideration of your personal strengths and weaknesses. General training schedules should consider walking, elevation of your heart rate on intervals during the day with rest and hydration.
Amberlily T.
Definitely check out Chloe Tings free workout programmes online they are amazing and so easy to follow and best of all they’re free!
Villads W.
I have been enjoying 15-30mins morning yoga and 30mins + yoga workout atfer work. Also I do fasting. Basically just skip breakfast and only drink water till lunch. This works great FOR ME and with regual walks and 10,000 steps daily I feel very health happy and calm in life. (Just make sure you really push your self and sweat in the evening yoga workout) at first I hated it but now I love pushing myself. Took me about 3 months before I REALY enjoyed the workout burn. And yoga is more interesting then the gym for me.
Tatiane F.
If you’re looking for exercise, start small! Go for a walk or make an effort to move more throughout the day. I like to set a reminder every hour to get up and walk around the hall at work. If you want something more structured, find a time during the day to do 10, 20, 30 minutes of exercise. I prefer to wake up early to do this and start my day energized and accomplished. Even on days that I want to hit snooze, I’m always glad I didn’t.
Fanny Z.
Wake up one hour earlier than your usual schedule and take a light jog around your block, outside. Once you feel comfortable with that, go the extra mile, and add more speed or more blocks.
Silje N.
I'd recommend to exercise three or four times a week, and do a mix of cardio and strength workouts with more cardio for quicker weight loss. But don't forget to drink water and eat a balanced diet too!