How do you choose from all the exciting options- dance, weights, running, Pilates, barre?

Kayla P.
Rotating. Don’t do them all every single day. You’ll just tire yourself out. You also need downtime, relaxing time. You could do:
Melissa F.
My intention for exercise is playing walking football ⚽️ once a week, swimming two mornings a week for an hour, 3 hour session at the gym (once a week), walking my dog to the pub weekly and cycling my bike around the block every day for 45 minutes… also try to walk to the gym and to walking football so I’m walking three times a week still for 45 minutes also…. These are fun exercises to burn 🔥 off my anxiety, build my confidence, improve my self esteem, aid weight loss and change my general fitness in sleeping 🛌 and eating habits.