What is your favorite way to exercise?

Gavin Morrison
It all depends on your goals. For me: I like to feel and look strong. Simple answer for achieving this goal is through lifting weights on a strict revolving schedule with one month programs that build into a three month cycle.

I focus on both tentpole exercises: bench press, deadlift, squat, overhead press, and add in accessory movements to isolate. A good starting point for new lifters would be the Stronglifts 5×5 method. For more advance lifters, check out the programs offered by Ben Pollack.

Dragica Ley
I enjoy my exercise daily because it gives me health which I really need. And also I want to achieve my dreams. First of all I put my mobile on table that is away from my bed so whenever alarm beeps I get of from my bed and off the alarm and start exercising..
1: push ups
2: sit ups
3: stretching

Harry Hughes
I love going for a walk. CNt run anymore but walking is fine. I have short routes, medium routes and long routes, some with hills and some without. I can walk fast or slow, be determined with a goal or just amble. I always feel better after a walk and have never regretted doing this. I have regretted not going! I love my walks!

Samantha Larson
I first wake up at 5 am. My alarm do it. Then without thinking too much I just go loo. And then I go to kitchen to drink water and then I go to hall with my phone. I have an app named seven. This app is meant for home workout then I just opened this app and choose the type of exercise I like and do it. That's it. But for your information I use an app Headspace for meditation.

Lauren Sutton
Swim, do yoga, or the best is walking the dog. The hardest is always to start so this way i start for tge dog and end up enjoying the exercirae 🙂

Bastião Fogaça
I personally like weight training.It makes me feel so much stronger and accomplished when I move onto a heavier set of weights.

Elia Colin
One of my favorite ways to exercise is to dance. I take two dance classes a week, but I also enjoy dancing in my room when a good song comes on. Dancing helps me release energy and clear my mind. I also enjoy the rhythm and beat.

I also like running and biking. I love to be outdoors, and with these activities I am there. What I see is always changing, which keeps it interesting.

In the winter, I sometimes go to the pool, and I swim in the lake in the summer. I am not very fast or able to go for a long time, but I enjoy just being in the water.

Dwight Terry
I enjoy workout classes that are led by someone and preferably in a group setting because then I'm too self conscious to quit.

Anne-kathrin Michels
Make your own workout routine. Pay attention to your body and move in a way that feels good. Some days you will feel like doing more or putting in more effort than other days, and that's ok. As long as you do something to keep moving.

Nathan Bonnet
I like to lift weights. I life weights 3 times a week, Do a HIIT workout twice a week, or if it's been a bad day do some dance workout. And I use yoga for active recovery twice a week.

Sean Olson
Walking is my favorite form of exercise. And it helps me think and ponder and reflect. It is especially refreshing to walk in the park on the bridle path that runs parallel to CPW. I enjoyed dancing as it helped clear my mind. But now that it has moved to 82nd Street it takes more effort to go. And since at the practice party they rarely dance in the middle for those without partners, it has become less fun. Before dancing cleared my mind.

Lucinda Pinto
yoga and treadmill. i like both of them, cause it's help me to arrange what's on my mind, what's bothering me lately, calm my mind, reflect on what i did lately

Ted Kelley
Stretching. It's easy to start, and easy to do it consistently. I tried to do harder exercise, but since it's hard, I feel tired even before do it

Joshua Little
Warm up is favorite way of exercise,
Neck rotation, hand rotation, waist rotation, kicking lower limb,touching the toes,bending & keeping distance in feet & touching toes,skipping ropes,shirshasan,jogging on spot

Stanley Chavez
I like to do yoga. It helps stretch and build my muscles but it is very relaxing at the same time and it also helps with deep breathing.

Sénio Gonçalves
I really want to do excercise in gym center, but it's too expensive with me, so i usually run around the lake beside my house, anout 3 time per week. The fist

Andy Kim
I enjoy classes like Barre and Tai chi. I’m motivated by keeping up with a group. I like the community. I like the guidance, encouragement, comradeship, and competition.

Lucy Mccoy
I like an exercise that make me look forward to it, that is a pleasure by anticipation. I like to have it at my own pace, at my own right moment. It has to challenge me a little every time, at least to enhance a self-challenging spirit, however intense it’s gonna be. I like the exercice that doesn’t let me think too much of what’s next, that roots me into the present action & makes me realize late that I’ve completely lost track of everything. It makes me feel young again like when I used to train myself in the water & ride fast around town by bicycle daily for a vital breather & torment healer.

Audrey Hughes
I have been doing Tai Chi at home. I started with an app called 7 minute chi and am now using YouTube videos to get longer workouts. I also enjoy yoga but have struggled a bit with the pace of most classes. I am planning to incorporate Yoga YouTube videos soon.

Lyam Fontai
Doing a Hiit workout is my favorite of late. It’s pretty quick and gets me sweaty every time! My ankles have been sore and tight so I’m trying to take it easier with jumping as much.

I am so thankful for a healthy, strong, body, after five pregnancies.

Walter Greger
Recently I've been enjoying yoga. I also enjoy doing cardio at home, outside, or on a bike at my gym and I love using the machines at the gym for strength training.

Alberta Alves
My favorite way to exercise is doing yoga. It helps me strengthen and stretch my muscles. It is both challenging and relaxing. It has helped me gain more flexibility and muscle strength/endurance

Philip Thomsen
Every day I do push ups, started with 20, then after a month 30 and now I can do 40 😀 (I'm very happy that it is steadily increasing)
And then I do some stretch

Alexander Olsen
I enjoy walking, especially when I have more time. In the morning when I am trying to fit in a quick exercise I do 5-10 minutes of a combo of high knees, jumping jacks, squats, and sometimes push ups.

Cathrin Häfele
I like to have different kinds of exercises. Some days I'll go for running, other will do some yoga and even just do some home abb exercises with my boyfriend,depending on how much time I have.