How do you manage to exercise during very busy days or when travelling?

N Amh Z.
Well I'm not travelling now because of covid. and busy days, I dont exercise but if busy meant physically active, I would count that as exercise

Ymant F.
I only take 7-8min right after I wake up in the morning to do it, so it is not hard to squeze this in my day. If I oversleep to the point that I only have 7min to make myself presentable, then I will exercise when I have some time – during lunch break or in the evening. Something low impact, so I would not sweat so much and would not have to change my clothes to do it, for example: do some streches or walk outside (depends on how much time I have and where I am).

Lone P.
On busy days I walk up a little bit earlier, do less exercises, do them between 2 things, or do them while working (their are exercises that you can do on a chair, look it up online). While traveling I just walk a lot to places I want to visit or go swimming if it is in warm countries.

Rui Z.
I try make time and if not I will do it right before I go to bed or before I shower and if I don’t have time that dad I push myself extra hard the next day

Mia O.
I do the 1 min get moving working out or some stretches . The key is to not do nothing . As long as you did something at all that day you've continued the streak!

Marshall E.
wake up at least half an hour to Ann hour earlier so that you can workout before you get your day started I wake up at 5 am and workout for at least half an hour to 45 minutes then I start getting ready for my day afterwards

Dursun W.
Waking up a half hour early if that’s feasible, or opting for a shorter (less than 10 minute for example) that I do first thing or just before bed. Also consider your activities for the day. Did you do a lot of walking or hiking or heavy lifting etc.? That counts as exercise too.

Beatrice O.
I actually never workout because I’m always too tired… early in the morning and late in the evening. I hope one day I could do even only 10 min workout or yoga or meditation. Are you able to do it? How can you find the strength to exercise in these situations?

Amanda P.
Even if it's just for 5 minutes, I exercise before leaving my room in the morning. Light stretches or yoga. Running in place, etc. Just something to get me moving before greeting the day outside my room

Ib Rico F.
This is something I still need to get into a routine for but I think the answer is I simply need to set such a routine that it is second nature. Just as much as having a cup of tea every morning is second nature.

Tristan F.
I’ve been struggling with this recently, myself, and there are a few different solutions that I’ve found that work pretty well for me! Sometimes, I don’t have time to work out in the morning before I leave for work- so I either set a second alarm for when I get home, or I try to multitask. For example, if I’m at work, standing at my computer, ill try to incorporate some stretches. I’ve also been known to use my lunch break for a little bit of light stretching or some jumping jacks, just to keep myself from being so tense through the day

B Q.
Sometimes it's just a few minutes of movement, and sometimes I incorporate exercise into necessary activities: dancing while brushing teeth, parking far away, etc.

Yarina N.
Well, when i feel like taking a lil time for myself, like before showering, i try the 7 minute exercising exercise or the abs thing, and it works! I hope i can see results in less that a month!

Eddie N.
If I'm being honest, I should own up to not exercising when I am sore or tired. I'm in a caloric deficit at the moment working to lose weight and wanting to work out is tougher when you're not recovering as fast.

As for busy days or travelling, I use an app that creates these bodyweight circuits that one can do from anywhere. I accept that since anyone can do them from anywhere there are no excuses not to do them. Building the willpower to do something when you dont want to do something is the primary battle.

I don't care if you're working 40 hours or 120 hours. These workouts can be done on a train, in an office, on the bus, etc. I feel like when you acknowledge that and pump yourself up, you're waiting for that realization to so it. But the truly disciplined person doesn't wait. When they feel miserable and every fiber of their being is telling them they shouldn't work out, then standing up and doing it will build your character.

I reference the story of Prometheus doomed to push the boulder up the hill for all eternity. When you are sore and descending the hill realizing you have to push the boulder up for no reason or meaning whatsoever, that is when you find a semblance of character.

Julian Z.
I schedule my exercise in my calendar every day, so it's incorporated into busy days as an appointment, too.

When traveling, I love trying new classes or even adventuring to the hotel gym. I'll wake up earlier and take that adventure.

Edwin S.
To be honest, sometimes it just can't be done, or I forget. But other times, I find others who also like to exercise and we do a workout session together. Or, I make sure there is some 'free time' in the schedule for everyone, which I can use to find a spot away from the hustle amd bustle to do my own exercises. Good timing is when it is not your turn to shop or cook. If I go traveling to places without an internet connection, I make sure to download or print out some routines. Of course, time with others can be more valuable. But if you want to fit your exercise into a busy schedule no matter what, be sure to discuss with your travel mates why it matters so much to you and what time would work best for the whole group. Best of luck and I think it's awesome of you to be for planning for succes this way! Hurray for self care!

Saratu W.
When traveling I try to take long walks if I can't find a gym at my destination. Or do little stretches any window I get

Lindamar T.
Take "a some is better than nothing" attitude. Do the 1 or 4 minute workouts in Fabulous, and know that you did it. Is it a little like you're just checking a box? Yes. And when you're in a situation where you're traveling, super busy, or life is just crazy, checking the box is perfect. It may feel like not enough, or you're missing you're goal. Try to remember that you have a lot going on, in those days, yet you still only have 24 hours. And all the science says that even a short workout is astronomically better than none. Give yourself permission to do less, when life demands more.

Dene P.
I either wake up a little earlier to have full time / compensate, or I reduce the amount of activity to 10 minutes. 10 minutes of yoga or HIIT etc etc. is still 10 minutes and makes an energy difference to me.

Michele M.
I have been practicing callisthenics since a year and a half using the Freeletics app: if I’m low on time and I have to exercise I can schedule a 15 minutes training for which is almost always sure I can find the time to do it!

Maaike Q.
When i know im going to be very busy the next day i plan out ahead and try to see if i have any time to get active. It maybe seems silly, but when i dont have any time at all i try to combine activities that i do every day anyways with a little excercise. For example when you brush your teeth you do 20 squats before and 20 squats after, or any other excersice that you like. When i wait for my coffee machine in the morning i do some stretches. Hope this helps

Princess N.
Every one has 15 minutes left, everyday. If you really want to excercise then go for it. Find time to do it! Dont say " Oh I'll be late" for something else. Put all your effort and you will make it!

Claudia F.
When I’m short on time, I stretch before getting out of bed for 7-10 min. If I don’t have anything else scheduled during my 60 min lunch, I eat, then do 20-25 min of gentle ex like a walk for some sun. When I travel, I take advantage of the hotel Pool for laps or gym for weights. I also like to run outside if the weather permits. Downloaded exercise routines are helpful here because if I don’t have a routine, I get less accomplished.

Michelle Z.
Walking is free. Walking around the block, through a new city or hotel. Getting steps in has a upfront cost and great pay off.

Heather X.
I subscribe to the Peloton app. They have tons of classes that need little or no equipment. I can take it anywhere. Also, I've added a habit where I got up a little earlier each morning until I was waking up early enough to fit a whole workout in.

Merf N.
On busy or hard days, just do the bare minimum. A short yoga set before showering may not feel like a lot, but it’s enough to wake up and work your muscles. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to do a whole thing. Celebrate doing anything at all because that’s an achievement too!

Ozgul F.
i move, walk, sit mindfully during the day like tuning my abs while setting, noticing the position of my neck and back…not literally exercise but still taking care of my body makes me feel the same as exercise

Aimara Q.
Ummmm, i like to give myself credit for activities that would not be a part of my regular routine. So I take a few minutes out of my Day to stretch or do a quick hiit session and it works best before a start the day. If I may be honest, I don’t have any weight goals at the moment. My effort has been dedicated to establishing a pocket of time in the day to getting my body active. I do have future aspirations for my body and well-being but at the moment establishing discipline and routine are my primary focus

Brita Y.
I think over my day many times the day before to motivate myself and place water bottle next to bed. Also I try to wake up earlier than usual and before others. I love alone time at mornings especially when it's still dark outside. I do exercises quikly ( just 5 mins )or replace it with walking to places i already need to go.

Di Lynn F.
For me, I've set exercise as part of my morning routine, but I have time blocked in the evening as well, so if I'm busy in the morning, I still have an opportunity to get out in that evening.

Leire U.
I try do small chunks. First thing in the morning, during lunch, after work. If I miss an opportunity at least there is the other moments to do it.