How to you motivate yourself to keep exercising day after day after day?

Alicia Z.
If I take a moment to notice how I feel before I exercise, mind, body and spirit, and then take a moment at the end of the session to ask the same, it's clear that I feel better after movement, on all fronts, so that is a built in reward that is motivating.
Jonas C.
Honestly it isn't about staying motivated as much as it is about showing up.
Every night before bed I make a to do list, on it is wake up
Drink water
Sometimes I can only stretch and sometimes I have to split it. But the point is that I do what I can when I can as long as I do something everyday.
I have a torn rotator cuff and torn tissue in my shoulder and elbow so sometimes doing those things harder than others. Sometimes all I can do is stretch and rest and show up the next day.
I hope this helps.
You can do it as long as you show up and make it a priority.
Borut N.
It has to be important to me, it is easier to make a plan (routine) like here in this app, but it should become spontaneous, mabye it is better to write down your routine (that you don’t use phone), it is important that you know why you want to do it.
Ga L Y.
I just make my exercises small. It’s only been a week since I started. Normally I dance to some music on my AirPods or go for a walk around my neighborhood.
Zack B.
I keep it short, at least to 8 minutes like the app suggests during the Unexpected Journey. Any longer and I think I would put it off and dread it, and at the end of the day, it’s just about moving and dancing everyday.
Valdemar B.
Honestly the key to this is finding a style of exercise that you like and makes you feel good! If it is fun and makes you feel good, it'll be much easier to stay motivated. For me, it was martial arts and strength training classes! Setting little goals for yourself can also prove very effective at maintaining motivation, because you can feel like you are working towards something, and feel a sense of achievement when you get there – which is also a great confidence boost! Lastly, take care of yourself and don't overwork yourself. It's important that your exercise is improving your health – mental and physical. It should be a positive and healthy part of your life. See it as a form of self-care. You only get one body in this life: treat it well!
Angelica Z.
I think the best way to motivate ourselves is by looking in the mirror and see all the mini goals we have achieved, say to yourself that every step we take it get us closer to our main goal and plus a good reproduction list to wake up and workout is something that make us push harder and keep going
Romina F.
I look in the mirror and I encourage myself , I'm not everything I want to be, but l'm better than I was, and I'm still learning 😍😍
Scott P.
The last time I was in a rut, (poor diet, lack of exercise, smoking cigarettes) feeling particularly crummy one day, I recorded a short video of myself talking about how upset I was for letting myself get off track and how crummy I was feeling that day. Now I use that video to motivate myself on days when I might otherwise slack off. I hope this helps and good luck. May the force be with you.