What are the kind of footwear that has to be used?

Benjamin Q.
One that fits the foot, cradles the ankle and doesn't make you want to cry with either the arch or the broken/ mending foit

Il Dio N.
Depends on your goal, if it’s for gym use flat trainers like vans as they give you more stability, if your looking to got for a run I would suggest comfortable running shoes like Nike roshe runs

Litia N.
For me personally, I use Asics joggers because they provide great support. For this habit, I go for a 30-minute walk, but I also use these shoes when I play netball. In both situations, I feel supported, which is especially important for me because I have weak ankles.

Natalia W.
It depends of what kind of exercise are you going to do, snickers, or yoga socks, i personally do home exercise and usually use none.