What do you have for lunch and dinner? How can I know whether or not the food I’m eating is giving me all of the nutrients I need in a day? What foods should I shop for at the store to be able to make those meals? What if I’m not home for lunch? What should I eat then to be able to take it with me and still get balanced nutrients?

Pat T.
I had a 6oz sirloin, mash potatoes, steamed broccoli, usually I either lunch of ibate breakfast or skip lunch if I ate breakfast and snack afterwards.
Denise O.
Lunch I have a sandwich with wheat bread, I like different types of veggies and meat, along with a side fruit of pineapples and mangos. For your own body type, you can ask your doctor what type of body you have and find what nutrients you need for yours. It’s good to have enough on yourself as possible to getting to know your body is getting to know you. For dinner I don’t eat big tonight we will have sautéed broccoli, fish, and Italian salad. For a snack I give my kids grapes an strawberries, or sometimes on a cheat day one poptart, out of a two pack an let them all get one a piece.