What are some exercises you incorporate in a short morning workout?

Lucas Z.
Dance. I have a video titled Cize: The End of Exercise, which is fun. I also flag dance to a song or to as part of my morning worship (look up Hebrew flag dancing). Hip hop is my favorite but I'm working up to it, it's like the crossfire of dancing.
Barac F.
Yoga videos on YouTube, like Yoga with Adriene, are great and they come in many different lengths. Also push-ups are an amazing exercise for arms and core. You can find push up apps that tell you how many to do to build up strength over time. Jump rope is also great if you only have a few minutes and no downstairs neighbors! Personally, I didn't have the discipline to workout on my own in the morning, so I joined a group fitness gym and started doing their 5:30 am classes. I never thought I'd be able to do that, but it feels great and the other people hold me accountable.
Guy J.
I like to do yoga sometimes. However if I want to stay in a good mood I like to just dance. It puts me in a great mood and it's also good cardio. I just toss on some of my favorite tunes and go to town. I like longer workouts but if time is not on my side….. We dance.
Christian C.
sometimes i do yoga because that helps me to keep my mental health , some mornings i do 8 minutes of cycling and other mornings i do a small workout (some abs, jump squats, squats, toe touches)
Kelly P.
Yoga. I started doing some to the ten minute per day beginner sessions at doyouyoga.com. Now I mix those with my own so I can do more or less each morning depending on how my morning goes.
Greg S.
The simplest of exercises; planking, push-ups, sit-ups or if you really want to get the blood flowing go for a small bike ride or a run.
Corbin Q.
Typically what I will do is a combination of cardiovascular exercise (elliptical) with weight training. I try to keep the duration under 40 total for both and will cut one or the other if I am pressed for time. For weight training I use a great app called FitBod which can generate exercises if you’re at the gym, at home, and will create them to the duration you desire.
Anais N.
My warm up is jumping jacks for 1 minute then 30 sec of breath in thru the nose out thru the mouth then 1 min of side lounge(side to side) then 30 sec of breathing then squads for 1 , 30 sec of breathing 1 plank , 30 sec 1 min of high knees ,30 sec of breathing 1 min of mountan climbers then 30 seconds of breathing and stretch for 1 more min
Brittany J.
Mostly I go for a walk, meanwhile taking out the trash or letting the dog out. On rainy days and I don't feel like going outside I put on some music and I dance.
Jost O.
Dancing. I have a 2 year old. Have you ever done dances in kids videos for 10 minutes straight. Let me tell you it's not easy.
Penny P.
I'm loving yoga. It get my blood flowing and wakes up my muscles. The stretching is great first thing in the morning. Roku has a yoga channel and you tube has lots of free videos.
Judd W.
I have a very basic dumbbell that I use that weighs 10 lbs. I'll typically do curls- vertical presses- and rows- to work bicep shoulders and back since thats where I tend to hold most of my stress tension at work. Then plank for 1 minute. Then 5-10 squats.
Ada E.
I do a short yoga wake up video, a quick jog or walk around my neighborhood, or sometimes if my house is a mess, I’ll try to turn cleaning into a workout!
James T.
Generally I do things that are quick. If I want to run, I do much higher speeds for short periods. Or I do just situps as long as I can (usually two or three minutes). Still gets you moving but if you're tight on time it can work!
Gail U.
Yoga! I use an app called Down Dog. It does cost about 20€/year, but I find it worth it!
The app let me choose what kind of practice I want (lots of option, for me it's great cos I can choose something gentle or hard). There's different levels (I'm on beginner 2 now!)
If I'm still sleepy, I do only 10 minutes of gentle yoga/stretching. It wakes my body up, and makes my muscles move a bit!
Oseme R.
Bodyweight exercises such as mountain climbers, high knees, burpees, press ups, sit ups, squats, lunges and jumping jacks
Aliana N.
I try to stick to a routine where I go for a 30 min walk or jog each morning but if I’m pressed for time, raining, alarm doesn’t go off, need to get in to work extra early or the kids have a terrible nights sleep, then this short routine is a good all over workout for all levels:

Push Ups (30 sec)
Rest and reposition (15 sec)
Sit ups (30 sec)
Rest and reposition (15 sec)
Tricep dips (30 sec)
Rest and reposition (15 sec)
Squats (30 sec)
Rest and reposition (15 sec)
Finish with a Plank for as long as you can.

This is a good replacement workout, one you can adjust the intensity of for your own needs and ability and also a good way to end a cardio session.