How do you keep yourself motivated on days you really don’t want to work out?

Rita Y.
If I work in the days that I feel not working. I usually do when I'm going to study but not motivated to study. I think about the exam tomorrow that if i don't study for the exam I'm going to fell and I don't want that . Therefore even if I don't feel like studying hard I am motivated to study because of a motivational taughts in my head. Even if you don't feel like going to work think about the consequences you have when you dont do what you want to do. But in the times like this I don't have the motivation to do the things that right to do. because it's summer 🌞⛱️
Drago J.
There are many days where I feel so unmotivated i can barley make food for myself however I either remind myself why I’m doing it to began with and take breaks from time to time and eventually do it.
Arona E.
If you want to reach to the top of a mountain,you need to try hard;well,if you do what do something you want 5min after thinking about,you will but if its more than 5min,your brain will otomaticly get rid of that idea/chore.
Keep going Mio.Everegreen