How to be constantly motivated to do exercise regularly and completely.

Morris Q.
Motivation is tricky. There are some days I can take on the world and do a full workout and eat healthy and then there are days that I want to sloth around and glut on pizza. Having a coach there that knows my story helps keep me grounded. Music has been the biggest motivator for me so far. If I listen to energetic song I can get up and move. I like to exercise by doing things that I enjoy, such as dancing or watching movies or singing. I’ve tried CrossFit and I hope to get back into it eventually but for now I want exercise to be fun and enjoyable and something I really look forward too. Yoga and ballet look like fun. I kinda want to try everything out until I find out what clicks.

Nathana L Q.
Being motivated to wake up early and working out is a challenge. But going with my husband keeps us in check. We try not to disappoint each other by missing our work out days, even when we have different work out routines. We keep it interesting by changing it up, but reminding each other of our favorite work outs when we need a push. Knowing our limits, we know when to encourage for a higher repitition or to lower weights. We laugh and poke fun at each other, and we scrutinize our lapse in motivation. But we work towards our ultimate goal: being healthy, getting stronger and becoming the best versions of ourselves.

Serafina E.
Take a note of people around you who do and who don't do exercise. Mark the differences. Visualize the things you want to achieve for future you.
Make it a habit. Just for few minutes if not hours. Don't miss a single day. Exercise both mind and the body.

George P.
Get yourself a Fitbit or similar as it keeps me motivated and competitive with myself and others. Also find someone to be accountable to like a friend, partner or personal trainer.

Johanne W.
It’s nice to actually accomplish things in the morning. I like to tell myself that even if I have a terrible rest of my day I can tell myself that I exercised and actually did something for once.

Elia O.
I don't focus on how intense or long the workout will be. I just focus on doing something, even just stretching, and that is usually enough to get me moving through the rest of what I planned. It's always about making the psychological wall you build before you workout appear small to motivate you to get out of bed and just do it!

Taylor F.
It is hard to keep it constantly. A lot of people think exercise has to be rigorous. It doesn't, a short walk at a nice easy pace is better than nothing. That is something that can be done daily.

Silvana T.
Focus on consistency, not perfection. You may want t workout for 30 minutes a day, but if you're new to it, I'd suggest starting out small. Perhaps, a 15 minutes walk or jog. You don't need to do anything too vigorous. Also, do activities that you enjoy that will keep you motivated. If you love to dance, then dance. If you like walking trails, then go for it. Lifting weights? Do it. And if possible, try to switch things up a bit, to keep them exciting. That will help to keep you motivated as well.

Lesa U.
I think that it must be long term motivation. For example, to reduce chance of heart attack in 60-th. I am mid 30 now, and I saw how old ones did not care about their health in theirs mid 30-th and they had to pay A LOT when they become old. Of course , there is always deceases that person can catch even with or without excercises, but there is strong correlation between exercises and quality of life . I personally do not do not always exercises completely , but I know that it is normal. Human body is designed to move but not to sit, so just more move and your are all right 🙂

Anna Y.
Motivation is extremely personal. I do things that some wouldn’t even call excercise in the traditional sense. If you enjoy to go on walks but live in a place where the weather isn’t entirely agreeable I’d recommend to do it at a time of day or night you like. Sometimes due to our obligations those times aren’t available but maybe scout them out for when you can. Also, setting yourself up to even do it is huge. Put on the shoes or gym clothes or mat next to your bed. Find a time when you’re alone or can be alone if that’s something you need. Google some low intensity exercises to start with so it’s not a drag and just do 5 minutes. Then with consistency when you get more limber step it up. I hope this helps.

Ivan Y.
I just started back, but I noticed the best thing I could do was just show up to the gym and do one thing. From there it was easier. However without pressure, just showing up gave me a much smaller commitment than having to think of an entire workout.

Jacob O.
The exercise should be fun enough / bring enough benefits so it motivates you itself (once you developped the habit.)

Uriel C.
I used 7 minutes excersize which is a app by Johnson and Johnson
The best part i like is having complete set of excersize

Riley S.
Having the reminder and timer. And the realization that there is a battle in the mind. So just making up the mind to do what I set to do. I can rest later.

Cl Mentine T.

Having a trigger, such as the sound the app makes when it the exercise part of the ritual.

Then, while training, focusing on the music while exercising makes completing it seamless.

At last, rewarding yourself usualy is a great way to associate that habit with something positive; wich, with time, you'll desire to exercise regulary.

That was useful here (These are the basic principles of the book The Power of Habit -> Cue -> Routine -> Reward). Hope it may be of some help.

Arthur E.
Remembering the positive effects of previous workouts. Keeping it enjoyable. Taking each workout as it comes and accepting where I am today even if it's not as much as a previous workout. Resting when I need to. Competing with others. Make it fun, change the music, dance, sing, laugh. Make my own challenges. Using others to keep me accountable and to show off but not rely on them. Change my routes, challenge myself.

Hans Friedrich Q.
You have to understand that everything you do or don't do today, you'll be evaluating in the future. And you'll be regret something or be satisfied with something you did or didn't do. So act today to be happy about it in the future. Be disciplined (another thing as motivated, and is better than it) and do regularly stuff you have to. That's it

Juliana F.
I use an app for iPhone called Aaptiv. Just listening to those coaches is so motivating. I do the exercise just so I can listen to their encouragement! The other thing is to make exercise fun: walk the dog, ski, do Zumba. Exercise in a manner that you don't think of it as exercise

Rachel Q.
You know when you like to do something you'll be better at it so I like playing sports so I always do exercises.
I'm used to it.

Cody U.
I use Pinterest and look for motivational quotes and I think about what are some small steps that would get me to good results in the long run.

Alicia U.
I know this is probably not the answer you want to here but I just do it. Those voices inside your head and that feeling of being too tired to do anything happens to all of us. All you have to do is ignore it and exercise! I like to use this app called Down Dog for yoga sessions, but you can also use Peloton and YouTube to find some easy stuff to do at home (and this app of course)

Leslie W.
You need to prioritise exercise. I was also finding it hard to take out time to exercise, but then I set my alarm clock to half an hour earlier. Now I have enough time to complete my exercise routine.

Juan W.
You don't want to rely on motivation to do your exercise. You won't always be excited, but you just do it and make it a habit then you'll be discplined about it and reap all the benefits!

Kenneth P.
You need to rethink your definition on regularly and completely – remember that you don’t have to do it at the absolute same time every day (and skipping a day here and there is okay) and also that doing 5 push-ups instead of 10 is perfectly okay.