Do you have any recommendations for a quick workout/exercise you can do at home in a small apartment? I also have downstairs neighbors, so things like jumping jacks are no good.

Vickie Y.
Hm not sure what exactly is the aim of you exersise. If you want to improve you flexibility and wake up esasyer but slowly I usualy do the 5 tibetan exercise. If I need to by active really fast I do the wing chun warm up. But im not sure if mine is specific to my club. But both are really quite ^_^ . Hope it's a helpful advice.
Deuv Nia A.
Any Lilly Sabri video on YouTube they’re very small house friendly I do them in my room. Also have options for beginner, intermediate, etc
Lauren O.
Yoga is a great one. Depending on the postures, you can work on strength, flexibility, mindfulness, or all 3! Some flows even provide a good cardio workout. There are tons of videos online to get you started on your own home practice, you don't absolutely have to go to a class. Also, if you feel comfortable walking or jogging around your neighborhood, it's not that hard to just walk out the door in the morning. Or, lift weights. You can start out with light dumbbells, they aren't very expensive, and do a few weighted squats and curls in the morning.
Toni C.
I too live in an upstairs apartment and I use an app called women workout, if ur a guy there is male version as well, there are a lot of floor exercises that will give you the same burn, without workout equipment an such so u rllh just need a yoga mat or a thick rug. Congrats on reaching so far tho and keep it up!!!
Sofia Z.
Maybe some push ups, working on the abdominal area.. honestly I think it’s best if your search out work out at home videos, in apartments. There are a lot of them. 🙂 Cause right now I can only think of those two