How do you find time in the morning to exercise during work days?

Carmen P.
It all depends on what you're willing to work towards so a lot of people are not morning people and if you work morning hours and may or may not have children you have to have a consistent schedule so that you can get your proper rest and also be disciplined enough to wake up extra early to accommodate your exercise. So even before I get out of bed I start my exercise by doing my abdomen and stretching in the bed but that is what is good for me then at least I started then I try to do 3 days out of the week to do my cardio aerobics with Denise Austin or Leslie lansome. Gove yourself variety so you don't get bored also be kind to yourself( be your own best friend). If you are adjusting to a new schedule allow yourself time to get used to this. You have one body and if you are anything like me I have done things too fast and wound up injuring myself in the process. So I hope this helps on your journey to doing exercise in the morning! Good luck to you!
Amber F.
I connected my waking to talking to friends on Marco Polo. I get to connect with someone I love and I also walk longer. If I don't have someone to catch up with, I listen to music I like and sing along. This also gets my heart rate from my "fat burn" zone to my "cardio" zone according to my fitness tracker.