Do I need to take any Meds to relieve from Various strains and pains comes in the process?

Ellen O.
I stay away from taking even OTC meds at all costs. Water and sleep are quite restorative. However, sometimes you just have to take some ibuprofen if you can't get rested.
Alizee Z.
Yes, when I have a headache for longer time I need to take a pill which sometimes helps me and sometimes not.
I use to have migranes as well.
Ariane S.
No. Meds are good when the problem is from the body itself and not from the brain. The brain can be trained to resist things
Hubert E.
Pay attention to your body. If the pain is extraordinarily high to the point where it hampers your daily walking then you probably need to get it checked and take some meds. But if it is normal everyday exercise soreness then just some stretching will do the trick!
Gen Sio O.
I think that before talking about meds it’s always good to address where your body hurts. Sit with it and think about when, where, and how that area gets used. Then I work in slow steps to relieve aches and pains. Stretching in the morning is very helpful for me. I can choose specific stretches depending on what hurts and to know what to be tender with during the day. Trying to go at my own pace and eat healthy is also a good way to stay away from meds. Last resort I would say ibuprofen if needed, or an ache roll on OTC for shoulders or joints.
Corentin F.
I would say no. The pain is there to let you know when to stop, so you don't injure yourself. Instead, i would recomend taking a bath with a handful of epsom salts, drink chocolate milk, or do something else to promote the healing of your muscles.
Zoe S.
The first couple of days sit with the pain and see the natural process your body goes through to repair pains. You will be able to notice when pains are normal or abnormal. Then start adding vitamins or specific natural supplements in and see how your body responds to them. Finally if the pain is overwhelming, talk with a doctor
Kristin S.
If the pain is lasting and persistent, it's better to consult a physician first. Over-the-counter painkillers or muscle pain creams are a good every day option for regular cramps, muscle pulls and general body aches; however, if the pain is specific and lasts longer than 2-3 days, it is better to check it up rather than self medicating
Lester S.
I would not. Instead, rest your body a bit more during this time. Also make sure you are exercising every other day for now. And if you are exercising and it hurts, modify the exercise for now so it doesn't hurt. You can always keep slowly doing more, but if you get truly hurt, you will have to stop exercising until you heal.
Yvonne F.
I would say it depends on the level of pain and any other symptoms you have. If there’s tenderness, swelling or difficult to live without pain then use a pain reliever. If not just rest and go slower to give your body time to heal. When in doubt or lingering/worsening pain consult a physician.
Diana Z.
Not at all, if you experience any excessive discomfort or pain, be sure to visit a physiologist. Mild/mediocre pain is nothing to worry about, vice versa, you can proudly say that you are on the right path!
Isaac F.
No as our body has its own regeneration system so the pain and strains if not so severe can be relieved without taking any medications