What goals do you set for yourself to keep you going?

Randy Z.
There's not any special trick to this, other yhan setting goals with truly matter to YOU and not anyone else. I'd say that the most important thing about them is to make sure those goals are kind to you, as well. Putting expectations too high will only makr you feel guilty for not accomplishing them. My goals are usually something that I already love doing but weren't a habit and also goals which won't take me long at all to do. And from there, you can build slowly. If there's a day you can't do them, it's okay, as long as you're committed to accomplishing them tomorrow.

Teri N.
My first priority to identify what my avoidance behaviors have been in the past. Recognizing those helps me set mental and practical plans for how NOT to avoid exercise. Then I set my bar super low so that I can get easy wins out the gate and establish routine. Once I have consistency with routine of the little things then I raise the bar just a little. This keeps me going because it takes off the pressure of doing or maintaining huge commitment s that I may fail in a big way.

Niomie G.
I started this year with no resolutions only goals. So I kept each one small therefore more likely to be achieved. My first goal was to be 15kgs lighter by April, well one the way. Then I started to set myself weekly goals like being able to do a particular stretch unaided. Everyday I ensure that I plan all that I do and that is another daily goal achieved.

Janet O.
I think that to keep me healthy and with energy. Because before I could be all day felling tired and with bad attitude and this image keeps me trying everyday to achieve a better life

Laura U.
Well I just kinda think of my future what and WHO I want to be anda I remember that I can be what I want and that what I am doing now is just a step closer…

Nicole G.
I would love to know how to stay focus on a y decision i take not to get bored after a while and enjoy my chosen routine. I want to be stress free amd enjoy life and be self confident

Deusete Z.
Most of my goals include number of exercise sessions a week, time management for work-life balance, achieving top 3 bullets on my to do list

Johanne F.
Small milestones ,like make it to the next hour or the next meal. Break down the day into tiny segments so each thing I do feels like something I can tick off my list.

Sylvia P.
I just keep trying small tasks and make sure I complete them at a reasonable time. I do not add to my routines until I’m successful at the ones established.

Sylvester J.
I do yoga, so my goals line up with either endurance, or getting difficult poses for the first time. For example right now I'm still kind of weak and my arms quickly fatigue from downward facing dog, so i'm working on increasing the time i can stay there. I'm also working toward crow pose as a bench mark for general flexibility, strength, and balance.