Do you prefer working out first thing in the morning or later in the day?

Aya F.
I prefer to workout first thing in the morning so I start my day energized,but for me I depend on the type of workout, currently I am practicing yoga by the help of the YouTube channel "yoga with Adrian",I chose the home series,which more into connecting with myself,if I am hitting the gym I go in the afternoon but not right before bed so I can ease in sleep.
Jeff Z.
Morning for sure. You will have more energy and vitality throughout your day. You will also be in control of you morning more so than later in the day when stuff can come up and eat into your productivity.
R Mi N.
I like doing a quick and simple yoga routine in the morning before I do anything else. I also enjoy a longer and more intense yoga workout in the afternoon sometimes. Usually I'll pick a routine that focuses on areas that might be achy or painful on that day.
Astrid X.
I like working out in the evenings after work.
1) For me it gives me that transition (or barrier) between my work time and my home time. That way after a good workout, I can relax the rest of the day

2) I’m not a morning person. I would have to wake up extra early (3 hours earlier) to drive to the gym, workout, shower, change, and drive to work.

3) if I had the convenience of have workout equipment at home I may reconsider. But I still would have to have a good stress relieving activity in the evening as a barrier between work time and non-work time

Nicol A.
With no doubt, in the morning. Maybe not the absolute first thing that I do. As sooner the more likely is it that I actually do it and the more motivation I have, fewer excuses.
Logan O.
Morning. Although I’m a night owl and do most things late in the day, I just feel like exercising later means I’m thinking about how I “have to do it” and I’ll find reasons to avoid it.
Loretta W.
While I love what a morning workout does to set the mental tone of my day, making time in the morning to fit one in is really difficult.
I have had some success with the 8 minute challenge. Weekends are easy but week days are not. II am going to try to make time foe short workout one or two week day mornings.
A brisk walk at lunch and / or exercising after work on weekdays less rushed.
Melissa S.
I'm still trying to figure out what works best for me. In general: when I'm not working, it feels nice to start my day with exercise (or long walk). When I'm working, it feels better to move and exercise afterwards. I feel more relaxed then.
Juliana N.
Depends on how much energy you have. Sometimes it helps me to kickstart my day with an exercise session, sometimes exercise helps me unwind physically and mentally after a long day. It’s really a personal choice.
Juan C.
I like to workout in the morning when I am not awake to understand it, when I am not tired and also to not think about it all the day
Sienna F.
I do different things at different times. Not sure if it's habit or just the way my body works but I prefer weights in the morning and running or Jiu jitsu in the evening
Victoria P.
It's harder to work out in the morning but even doing a small amount of exercise gives me a boost to start the day off right
Erica T.
I honestly prefer to work out later in the evening BUT I find it makes my evening routine with dinner, bedtime for the kids, etc. much easier to get it done earlier so I can just relax and wind down after evening chores.
S Li F.
I prefer working out in the morning. Because there's nothing that disturbs me in the morning. There are a lot of temptations out there later in the day.
Roger Z.
Working our first thing in the morning makes me energized and more motivated to do my other habits. If I wait until the afternoon it's easier to make excuses not to work out, like "I'm too tired" or "I don't have time".