What do you say to yourself when you want to do more but that voice says go to the changeroom. What is your mantra?

Mikkel N.
Every time you do something that you know is right, instead of something that you feel is easy, brings you closer to the A-game, to the best version of you. And you are the sole person who sets your own boundaries. You are as good as you believe yourself to be. So… Believe in yourself! I certainly believe in you. Best, Mila
Tatiyahna P.
Hm…personally, I let myself breathe and relax, then I go for it. If it's really bothering me, I'll plan out when is the best time to do more, or I'll start again the next day! Usually, planning it out and letting that voice slide is best.
Zoey X.
Not my mantra, but probably the most famous line from any brand: just do it. You should be proud that you at least showed up, keep doing that and you’ll build resilience against that voice in your head.