Is 50 push-ups a good amount?

Kristiane O.
It all depends on your fitness level. You’re better off doing fewer with short rest breaks, and eventually building up to more.
Rosela W.
50 push-ups is really good. But if a person if doing it for the first time then it would painful for your muscles. If someone new to it they should start with 20 then increase the number slowly.
Travis T.
50 push ups is quite a lot, if you can handle it then go ahead. I suggest a little bit of a lower amount or to do 3 sets of 10-15 reps.
Brit E.
It depends on for what, and for whom.

In physical activities, you'll only keep getting better if you keep going further. If you want to grow muscle, I'd advice to build up the amount of push-ups you do until you're satisfied with your strength. Personally I'd say 50 push-ups is very impressive.

I don't think this needs to be said, but don't forget to exercise other parts of your body too!

Manikdeep X.
50 push-ups is more than a good amount.One could always strive for better but it start from something small and one get better with time, resulting im a good stamina and flexiblity, which will help us do mire than it and be best version of ourself.
Romina Z.
Of course, it takes lots of time to get used to this amount and you should practice a lot. If you can do this, you have geat body strength