Sometimes I don’t have time for a full-fledged workout so I do just push-ups and crunch-ups. Is that okay?

Ellen S.
I feel like any kind of movement is useful. In the past I did one long workout every morning, but now I like shorter workouts throughout the day. What if you tried several sets of push-ups and crunch-ups throughout the day?
Ana U.
Doing something is better than doing nothing. Just ensure that the shortened workout doesn't become habitual. You should always be striving to do your best but if you're not up to your best now and then, just do something.
Tammy C.
The important thing is that you got moving. It doesn't matter what you do for exercise or for how long, it only matters that you move.
Joshua Z.
Absolutely! It keeps the habit of daily exercise in place, and a little bit is better than nothing! We don't have the same energy every day.
Carol S.
That is okay. You do not have to do great things, great achievements are achieved one tiny step at a time. Do not fret, you have done so much and are powerful
Amber N.
Sure it is. It’s always better to do something, even if it’s just 5 push-ups, than do nothing. Because you’re building the habit of being active.
Rebeca Z.
Absolutely! Any exercise is better than skipping. I’ve actually been using the 7 minute app to challenge myself on tight schedule days! It sounds easy but it isn’t. Check it out to improve specific body areas.
Zack F.
Ofcourse it's okay! The only thing that matters is that you do a little bit of exercise every day. Push ups and crunch ups are amazing for a short daily workout. Keep going!
Makenna Z.
The best exercise is the one that motivates you to complete it! As long as you are moving your body, you are benefitting. If you have specific fitness goals in mind, look for some short exercises that still help move you along this goal. Then you can plan longer or more intense workouts a couple of times a week.
Mathilde C.
The idea is to get the muscles moving so to answer your question, yes. One of the things I learned about making habits is that you have to set a low bar for the habit you are trying to form. In your case, the habit is exercising everyday. The norm would be a full fledged workout. The low bar would be doing some push ups and crunch ups. The low bar makes it so that you maintain the habit because you are doing something rather than nothing. If you do nothing then the habit is likely to fall by the wayside but if you at least do you low bar then you are still working towards building the habit. My advice would be to not make it a habit to always do the low bar but sometimes in life things happen and we don't have time to do the full fledged work out. I hope this helps.
Davina G.
Yes it is ok every little helps although it would be a good idea to mix it up and another time choose two different exercises so over the week you are exercising different muscles
Lazar F.
I think it's absolutely okay. I usually doing the same like you,because i don't have a time. Only is important to you feel better, and just a little exercise is so valuable.. You don't have to worry about that. But whenever you can, do this, for me it is at least four times in one week. You can also intentionally skip one workout – to rest, and tomorrow you keep going stronger than ever. 💪