How do look at your exercise habit if you are spending a weekend out completely out of your normal routine?

Soren T.
When I was surfing, and we spend the whole weekend in the beach, we used to do some Yoga and some stretching if there was no waves. When I stop surfing I stopped doing exercises on weekends. I wasn't motivated enough.
Julia Z.
I guess I see it as something that I can emerse myself completely in order to be im contact with myself. That'll take time but it will be nice (:
Debbie J.
I have a hard time to do my exercise, becouse i don't know how to incomporate this excercise to my day, when It's out of routine. Maybe i could sit for a short time at the morning and think about the day and my routine, and how to connect it. Or do it the day before, at the evening, before sleep. But i don't know always, if next day is comming something extra, important, what can change my plan od the day.
Josefine C.
Hi there, I simply listen to my body and do what I feel it needs, right now that seems to be yoga. It feels good to stretch and reflect, wherever I happen to be. Best of luck with your choices 🙂
Julian S.
It can be challenging to maintain a routine schedule when you’re traveling or have plans for the weekend. I suggest trying not to stress to much over it. Of course it’s important to exercise, but don’t let that take away all the fun in your life! even if you only end up doing 5-10 minutes of something, hey! that’s better than nothing! Enjoy your self and you’re life! It’s important to make time for yourself that doesn’t have to involve constantly worrying about exercising.
Naja N.
You can walk or run around the house, take the stairs, run in place, do yoga, exercise inside or outside, heck go for a run outside you eill always find a way.
Jonas X.
Depends on what I'm doing
during the weekend and what my excercise regime had been during the week. Sometimess I would completely disregard excercise to take a break and sometimes I would do activities that amount to the same amount of
my regular excercise or more strenuous like garden work or long energetic walks or swimming
Sara J.
A weekend of no exercise is not the end of the world, but if it is hard to form these types of healthy habits it's good to still find activity to keep it up – even if it's not your normal gym routine. A long walk or hike is great, and allows others to join also – if they can keep up 😉
Swimming if you are close to the beach is an option, or perhaps suggest a team exercise! Even doing the 7 minute workout app gets your heart pumping and doesn't take up too much time if you have a packed schedule – and no need for gym equipment!