How early do you get up to exercise before work? What kind of exercise do you do?

Joy U.
I actually do not exercise before work as I get up at 0230. However, if my schedule were different I would get up around 0530 go for a walk and do some strength training with resistance bands or yoga. It only takes about 15 minutes or so

Elias Y.
I only wake up one hour earlier than the time I hove to arrive. I walk to work, which is a 15 minute walk, and I also dance right after waking up.

Frederik Z.
I get up the same time as I woke up before I started to exercise. I moved ironing, that I used to do each morning, to the evening night before.

Abram F.
Lets be honest, I don’t workout before work because I have to drive 45 min everyday to reach my workplace… but instead, I to the gym everyday after work.
P.S: I used to workout when my work was close to my residence, used to work out from 5:00 am to 6:00 am and go to work at 8:00 am

Shannon B.
I get up around 3 hours before I have to be at work, I have a coffee and check out the news. I don’t feel rushed or stressed if I do that. I put on my gym stuff and go into my garage where I have some equipment. I run in the treadmill most days and I often use an exercise website like to give me ideas and keep me motivated.

Victoria X.
I get up at 0630 to get myself ready before my two young children. I take them to nursery for 0800 and am usually home and in the gym at 0900 for an hour and a half.

Aubrey O.
I mostly do low intensity exercise and yoga. They really help me build me confidence and let me take things slow. Then I start adding new excersises.

Mae Q.
As mornings are my favorite part of the day, I like to wake up everyday at 7am, to be working at 9 (I work at home) and have proper time to make a good exercise, either yoga or running (normally for 15-30 min tops). Before that I meditate and after that I take a shower and make a delicious coffee. It’s the best <3

Elisandra Q.
My alarm goes off at 6.10 am (I leave for work at 9 am) but I rarely get up then… As long as I'm up before 6.45 am, I am able to squeeze in about 15-20 minutes work out. I created my own little yoga routine because I really enjoy a bit of stretching in the morning. I would find something that you like doing to make it easier for yourself and stay motivated in the morning. Good luck!

Florence O.
Of the only one week I have started doing this, I wake up 30 minutes earlier than usual, I drink some water and do some push-ups I also do some leg raises and calf exercises so in total I try to do 3 sets of 15 of all three exercises which takes around 7 minutes. I am doing leg exercises because I have some issues with my knee. Then after a break of 5 -10 minutes I have breakfast.

Kristina F.
I try to get up 1.5 hours before Landon. Most of the time it’s only 1 hour and sometimes it’s only a few minutes. Getting up early gives me time to actually wake up, do my morning routine, and feel prepared for the day.

Emi A.
I usually get up 2 hours before work so I can be a little bit leisurely getting my morning routine done. I only do stretching exercises in the morning because I have problems with my lower back but I end up stretching by whole body. In the afternoon or evening is when I do a cardio workout.

Friedlinde X.
I am working as business developer, so i am using my mornings for free time and working from noon to evening. I prefer lifting for exercise, therefore mostly working on core strength on the mornings

Emma O.
I'm awake at 6:00am for a 6:30am spin class, usually three days a week. On the days I'm not on a bike, I do a bodyweight workout in my apartment.

Diovalda Y.
I get up between 530-6 am. That gives time to wake up easily, help my dogs, get coffee going, exercise, shower then get ready for work.

Jerome P.
I get up at 5am drink water I go to school, not work and I walk to the bus stop or run for the bus after I eat breakfast

Alberte G.
By 5am
It is a Morning time so it means difinenatly yoga,streching,power yoga etc. Make sure u should avoid tuf workout in morning like cardio,fast run etc. And never exercise with empty stomach
Be fabulous

Lester F.
I work in the afternoon around 2 but usually get up at 7 because I enjoy the morning air and tend to be more productive in the mornings. I love to go ski before work in the winter. In the summer I love to go for a mountain bike ride or a trail run. I always feel better if I sweat at least a little bit every day

Tom T.
I actually do my “big exercise” in the afternoon. It works best for me. But I still make time for some active time in the morning. It’s usually not more than ten minutes and primarily consists of stretching and yoga poses.

Lisa Z.
im not usually in work early as a rule but if i got time ill just go for a little short walk next to where i live if i can be bothered ha x

Brett A.
I actually usually workout in the afternoon because the quality of my workouts are better then. I think when you workout should depend on how you respond to exercise. Because I weight train heavy, working out in the morning is not a good idea.

Sofia I.
I run and do yoga but also do a lot of HIIT body weight training. I use an app called Aaptiv to keep me motivated that way I don’t have to come up with an exercise myself. I don’t work out in the morning. I work out on my lunch hour at work.

Tilde C.
Before work, I try to do push ups, sit ups, core work, or simply just dance around my room for about eight minutes. This is enough time to really get your muscles working. In the those eight minutes you can also do stretches, which are extremely beneficial too. They’ll help loosen up your tense muscles and joints before a long day at work!

Barry Q.
I try to get up at least 45 minutes so I can shower after a brief workout. You don't have to wake up that much earlier to get a workout in, especially a small one!

Anatoli C.
I get up three hours before work.
Then I have time for 30 min meditation and 30 min training.
I do a form og chi gong in the morning.

Ricky F.
Around 8.00 to 8.30 am..i'm just doing simple workout like dancing through music or only easy workout that didn't hard to start with

Kate U.
I get up at 06:00, one hour before I should go to work. But I did that also before I start exercising.
I do the 7 min exercise.

Perry J.
in order for me to have a successful morning, I have to get up 3 hours before work. That gives me time to get myself up And awake, which takes a long time. I also need time to get my kids ready for school. I mix up when I do everyday. I rotate between yoga, running, myofascial release, belly dancing, and light weight training at home

Noah Z.
I try to get up at 8 a.m. each morning.
I mainly do cardio and yoga.
I have found a wide variety of cardio and yoga exercises on u-tube videos that I can follow along. This seems to help motivate me.

Barb I.
I tend to go for yoga in the morning, as I find it to be a nice way to wake up the body. Right now I’m on a 30 day yoga journey (True by Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube) which usually takes around 30-40 minutes. This is a bit ambitious though, so even a couple of sun salutations each morning will do wonders. Make sure to do something you enjoy, maybe it’s yoga, maybe it’s dance, maybe it’s a morning walk with your dog. Be gentle with yourself and celebrate your successes. If what you can do right now is 5 minutes of dance as you make breakfast , do that. Set realistic goals and expand if it feels natural.

Alexandra U.
I make it flexible according to my day. If I know I will be busy straight after my first cup of coffee, I get my exercise in early. If I know I have extra time I either start early for heavy workout (jogging and calisthenics) or go regular workout (walking and light yoga) depending on what my body tells me ☘️

Todd J.
I don't really work, but my kids need to be to the school bus just before 9AM so I'm up at 6AM to run on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The rest of the week I use a yoga app or HIIT workout app to so something a bit different.