I have trouble waking up early and always snooze until I’m late. Then I need to drive to the office. I can’t even eat a proper breakfast. How can I make time to exercise?

Cynthia W.
Minimize your sugar intake or at the least eat all carbs prior to 1pm each day. And especially don’t drink alcohol at night.
Bryan Y.
You can go to bed a little earlier and figure out what time you have to be up by so as to not be late and then set two or three alarms leading up to that and then you can just get ready quickly and lay your clothes out the night before
Muhammad J.
You are exactly in the same situation as I am. One trick is to try exercising right within bed moving legs and arms and once your body gets a hint on no snooze anymore it will force you out of bed.
Erika X.
Hi! I have the same problem, but if I go to bed early, I wake up earlier in the morning and thus I can get the morning routine done without rushing. Good luck!