How do you keep things interesting in your exercise routine, besides music?

Greg P.
Well, I keep things interesting in an exercise routine, besides music, by having interactive cyclings on the Peloton bike and listening and participating with my favorite instructions. Ally Love is my instructor and I take barre, cycling, strenghh r, and
Carlos B.
Working out with a partner is the best thing you could do to keep your exercises interesting. They motivate you and you can motivate them as well. If they have one more rep left and they’re struggling, push them. Even if that means yelling because as a gym partner, you have to push them and keep them going at all times. It also build a great relationship with your gym partner.
Adelinde Q.
To be honest I hate exercising, it’s not fun for me and it gives me so much pain in muscles. I know that it’s my fault, I’m only 16 and a little exercise makes me feel so tired, because it wasn’t in my daily routine and all I was doing was laying in bed and watching movies or series or scrolling on social media. But with that pain and tiredness comes healthier life. I know it’s not healthy for me in this age to have a problem with exercising, but now I’m in progress to better health. Also it helps me mentally, when I remember that I couldn’t do anything because I was so lazy, now every time I exercise I’m proud of myself and I tell myself “you did it!”. Just don’t give up and keep going and then you’ll be able to do everything!