What does a good breakfast have??

Alyssa Y.
I think fiber and carbohydrates is a great way to start the day bannana for fiber and a fuite smoothie for carbs and if im ever in a rush I grab a kodiak cake to go cup they have lots of flavors and high in protein with a glass of milk
Valerrie P.
I would say a good breakfast has carbs, protein, and healthy fat. That way you start off your day with the three macro nutrients and have energy from the carbs, and the protein and fat help slow down the distribution of the energy from the carbs.
Lisi N.
I can only speak for myself and my own preferences. But I love protein shakes and hot meals for breakfast. I love a delicious omelet or beans on toast. I like to drink a plantbased protein shake with vegan vanilla protein powder, oat milk, and frozen blueberries.
Kyra T.
A good breakfast has healthy and nutritious foods in it. Eggs are always an amazing choice, and yogurt is good too. Make sure not to put loads of sweets or sugars in it, that isn’t always the best for you.
Cailane O.
Protein such as eggs, whole grains, fruit. A smoothie would be great, or a bowl of oatmeal with bananas, berries, or dried fruit.
Chibuike B.
A good breakfast has healthy carbs, plenty protein, some fruits, and hopefully some nuts. It has a lil bland stuff and stuff with flavor. A good breakfast makes you feel good.
Anchovy S.
Some juicy fruit or vegetable, better colorful salad! Rye or wholegrain bread and high quality proteins as goat cheese, farm eggs, fish. All seasoned by great vinegar, cold press oil and fresh herbs! Yummaaah!