Does anyone have any suggestions for routines? Apps you use or how you make up your own?

Noa Y.
I think its great as it is but u need to send reminder every time and u need to make the app free and get the money from ads
Firmina C.
I make up my own exercise routine based on what I find on Instagram or any other social media. But in the morning, I wake up with ease at 6 o'clock and I don't even need an alarm anymore. I usually go to sleep at 9 PM and I make sure to meditate a little bit before sleep. I sometimes fall asleep much later, because I still keep my head in the clouds, but at least I remain calm and don't have trouble falling asleep.
Chris S.
Tbh I don't really use an app I so it in my journal or even just on a piece of paper and keep it in front of me, but if you want an app I normally use calendar
Logan Y.
I recommend the Headspace app or another one I use Calm for relaxation. If not those have a music app like Pandora or Spotify, so u can listen to your favorite jams. This is all I got for now.