How do you stay motivated with your exercise routine?

Mal Na J.
I simply remember why I'm doing it. To get a better shape, healthier body, and boost energy.
Because withought constantly working out I feel drained easily, and laziness. My sleep would worsen too. Even my body temperature would be imbalanced because i constantly feel cold especially where I'm living. ❄
So it's rather necessary to workout.. My life would be much MUCH better.
Park Z.
You know sometimes everyone wants to give up. There's a time when you feel that nothing's going to change you and you think pessimistically. But to be honest when you think of your future and how you have to manage things,you yourself feel like :-yess! I CAN DO IT. This is a feeling. You have to sit and think that you want to get fit and fine and clear and all and you start doing it. Don't worry. You're doing great! and u can still do it♡
Regina Z.
I armed myself. A. R. M. Which stands for Action, Results, Motivation. Which means we must start with action. With enough action we start to see results but we do not see results in a day maybe not even in a week but stay consistent with action. After you start to see results that gives you motivation for more action. From there it's just a cycle. Stay consistent for 28 days to build a habit. Let's get ARMED together!