Are there any ways to exercise inside?

Nev N.
Yes of course! Fitness memberships can be expensive, some people have no way of getting to the gym, or some feel uncomfortable or unsafe working out publicly. So the best next option is working out at home! You can do yoga, Pilates, cardio and more at home! You barely need equipment and you can easily buy inexpensive dumbbells and equipment if you really want to get the same results you can at a gym. You can even take a brisk walk or run outside. Working out in your own home gives you comfort and reassurance you need which can make working out more enjoyable and eventually you’d want to work out each day.
Kate T.
I’m also an at-home exerciser, and I’ve found a lot of use and comfort in YouTube yoga and pilates (Kara Duval is my favorite, it costs $$ but you can reach out if you can’t afford it). Keeps me moving and makes it very accessible! And it can also be sooo simple, just a 5 min stretch etc. Check in with what your body needs 🙂