What are some hacks to motivate yourself to do something not interesting?

Marie C.
I use a reward system most of the time. So there's something that I really want to do, and I don't allow myself to do it until this unpalatable task is dealt with. I also like to use the Pomodoro approach where you work for an extended period of time say 25 or 45 minutes, then take a 15-minute break, then do another intense 25 or 45 minutes work.
Jo J.
Remember & envision the end results I'm aiming for, and use that as a means to get to the end, when the journey's not interesting
Zoraida Y.
I choose a reward to give myself after. If it’s something I really don’t want to do, I’ll tell myself “okay, once this is done I’m going to give myself a 15 break.” The sooner it’s done, the sooner I can have a break! Sometimes I’ll have a little bit of chocolate as a reward, sometimes it’ll be a treat like booking a massage.
Megan E.
Giving myself a reward afterwards. Examples are a glass of wine (or 2), a piece of candy, a 10 minute lay day mini nap, cuddles with my dog, anything like that that will make me happy for accomplishing the task I am not interested in
Mark Y.
When it come to doing something boring, I will remind. Myself why I am doing it. Like for example when I run, I imagine myself with 6 packs afterwards.
Mimi N.
It isn’t a question of hacking to motivate yourself to do something not interesting, it is simply that your life has purpose. Purpose includes performing well with uninteresting environments, texts, people, activities and the like. Purpose is akin to duty in this regard.
Karla Y.
I love making boring monotonous tasks into a game…i time myself and try to beat my last time, or i try to make up the most streamlined way to do a multistep process and have a song/chant/rhythm that I make it into.
Nat N.
I learned from a wise person that the uninteresting tasks are part of what makes the big fun thing. By remembering that it’s all part of the same goal – even if you have to convince yourself that washing up is linked to a big fun activity you’ll do later – it actually works. Also finding a game in whatever task it is. It sounds childlike but if I can make any task a little bit more fun, it becomes so much easier to do. I stop focusing on it being a negative and before you know it, I’m all in.
Freja X.
I would first ask yourself why you need to do it? If it’s exercise, for example, find something you like that is active if you don’t like lifting weights. You can play basketball, climb, run with your dog, etc… if it isn’t a health goal or something like that, maybe just spend your time on something more interesting to you.
Mandy O.
Set a reminder to complete it, and then get it done before your reminder goes off! It makes me feel great to take the initiative before my alarm reminds me, adding fuel to the fire of the change!
Agathe Q.
I think of something I really want that is within reason (a snack, a beer, a new pair of shoes, TV time) and if I complete a task I’m absolutely dreading I treat myself afterwards. I really hate folding laundry and this is one task that I can do while watching TV or listening to music which makes it really easy to get it over with. I think about how much better I’ll feel knowing that task is done. It’s kind of like ripping a bandaid off, it’s going to suck and you aren’t going to like it, but the faster you get it over with the better it will be.
Lance Y.
Actually what has been working for me is to make someone come with me / do it with me so I can force myself to do it. That way I can try new things and maybe I’ll enjoy it but never found the motivation to do it the first time.
Antonio J.
I try to make the activity as interesting as I can by focusing on the aspects that I enjoy or introducing fun to the task. But I think the most important is to understand that some of these tasks are just boring but by completing them I’m taking a step to being able to complete tasks easily, almost as second nature. Things like paperwork I used to spend so much time organising and making it look neat I’d completely miss the point of whatever it was I was trying to actually complete. So now I spend 5 minutes deciding my organisational strategy, picking out the nice stationary and then using that to complete the task in the most efficient way. That way it might still be not interesting but at least it looks pretty and it gets it done!
Kaitlynn Y.
I make deals with myself. For instance, I've been trying to get up at 5:30. So I said if I get up at 5:30, I get to have whatever I want for dinner. Find an incentive.
Emma O.
Why are you doing it? Do you need to do it to accomplish a bigger goal? Maybe thinking about the big picture helps to keep motivated.
Mia T.
Uh, I struggle whit the same question every day. But I remember it will make me feel better. For motivation, I watch YouTube videos or go to Instagram and watch work out videos.
Samantha P.
Always do the least exciting/most annoying/thing you want to do least first! Get it out of the way and move on to the next thing. I also like to give myself small rewards for doing things I really don't want to do; for example, I was procrastinating doing the laundry and told myself I could get a latte as a treat after I finished!
Roland E.
I struggled with this for years and still struggling… Trying to force it I don’t think it will work. For some things like house chores one way to hack it was to watch Netflix or YouTube while doing them or listening to an audiobook. That way I almost want to do them 😁.
Gilian I.
I like listening to motivational speeches on YouTube while exercising. I also tell myself to "do it anyway". I have some affirmations that I believe are true for myself and that force me to honor my commitments. Such as "I always finish what I start" and "I always do what I say I'll do". I make it a point of staying true to my values.
Aubree O.
I try not to think about it too much. Something that needs to be done that I know must do whether I want to or not, whether it’s interesting or not, I will “sneak up” on it and start doing it before I’ve allowed myself to think too much about it. Once started and things are rolling , I keep doing the thing or task until done. Completion is the reward