I have few slipped disk on my neck and back. I’ve been got acupuncture treatment for 5 years, so the symptoms are now getting better, but It still comes to a problem when I try to exercise. Could you give me some advice, like, what should I do careful of during my exercise session?

Daline Q.
Have you ever tried swimming as exercise? It’s very gentle to your body 🙂 I have problem with my knees so heavy exercise like jumping or long distance running it’s not my thing and I can get badly injured by doing that. This is why I like swimming and yoga. Perfect combination for me.
Jochem T.
I would be wary of exercising without visiting a chiropractor and a physical therapist. They’ll be able to give you professional advice about taking care of and strengthening your neck and back so you can exercise without pain.
Shawn Y.
Have you tried yoga Be it the backward bending poses or other relaxation poses, yoga asanas are excellent way to get rid of the slipped disc or herniated disc issues. Yoga helps you improve your posture, the asanas help strengthen the spine and also gradually reverse the bulge in the spine, which is the main cause of a slipped disc check out this video https://youtu.be/ZqO6U93_75s
Laura Z.
Firstly: I definitely do not think an app is a best place to ask this. Have you been to physiotherapy? That might help, as in physiotherapist might be able to help. If it’s things like jumping that hurts though (I can’t jump for example because of extreme double jointedness), there are modified versions for a lot of exercises. Yoga and also using some gym equiptments are good.
Allen S.
Be overly cautious about overexerting yourself. There is always a difference between good pain being the byproduct of working hard during a workout and dangerous pain that can have a detrimental effect on your overall physical condition. The two biggest pieces of advice I can give is to always use the correct form when carrying out each exercise you do to protect yourself from injury, and stretch every single day; the deeper and longer you can hold your stretches the better. Keeping a limber and flexible spine is key to a healthy body.
Naja W.
I would suggest you to ask a personal trainer for start if you have back pain it is preeyou get advice from professionals. I don't want you to get hurt.
Paige G.
Try water exercises, where there is as little pressure on your disks as possible but you can still get a good work out in, seated, standing, swimming in the water, with or water trout weights- whatever works for you.
Ver Nica S.
First let me tell you I understand back pain. I have spondilolysthesis and have been working with that for a long time. I recommend doing some mind-body work as well as exercise. Read a book by John Sarno about back pain and/or “unlearn your pain” by Howard Schubiner. Or you can google Sarno and Back pain for some videos online that give good info about it. I do yoga for exercise. There are many gentle ways you can exercise to build strength flexibility and stamina that way, and also alleviate the stress that adds to pain through deep breathing. “Light on yoga” is an excellent book by BKS Iyengar who healed many of his own physical ailments through yoga techniques.
Ticiano Q.
Have you consulted with an orthopedist? How about a spine specialist? I just got my diagnosis a few weeks ago, so I’m still in research and learning mode. Three really big things I’m doing are a full body detox (1-year program), a daily cocktail of sea moss, chlorophyll, and bladderwrack to give my body a great boost of nutrients, and physical therapy to strengthen my muscles. The stronger your muscles, the better your spine and bones are supported. Proper nutrients and stress management will take you a long way also. I hope this helps and I wish you the best! ❤️
Gladys T.
Very very hard questions! You can walk, you can swim, pilates can be good for you. But you must see your doctor first of all. I am a medical doctor too, but it’s very difficult to advice anyone about that situation. Before advise, all patients Must have been examined in detail🙈🙈 important point 👀
Take care 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️
Alicia T.
Hello stranger! It seems like you should be consulting these type of things with an expert…but if I were you I would try to excercise in water as much as possible. Not only will it help you build core strength faster, but the lack of gravity will give your back a much easier time! Hope this helps 🙂 I would start by doing some laps and seeing how you feel!
Felix Q.
I'd recommend taking on swimming for exercise, it's full body, low impact, resistance type training that is also relaxing to the body because gravity changes so there's less tension on the spine. If the problem in the neck is of such nature that you find it hard to tilt your head up or twist it to breath as in with front crawl, it's not a problem because there are many exercises you can do in your back that could help strengthen the weak spots in your spine.
Egbert X.
I really don't know.. I'm no expert and I wouldn't want to give you an advice that will make things worse for you.. I suggest you speak to your doctor about it..
Jonas B.
Thanks for the inquiry. I appreciate your problem: do nothing, you & your back get weak & pain is worse & more likely to re injure. Do too much, you could re injure.
Best route may be dynamic stretching (not static) but hold off on actual exercises until you have good, free, full range of motion. Don't overdo it: as they say in Vietnam, "slowly, slowly catches the monkey".
Here is a guide to safe stretching, but do not push if you cannot do perfect form on Day 1:

Also, walk at least 10 minutes twice a day, even if painful at first.
Best wishes – over time you will build a strong & less painful back.

Timmothy P.
You should definitely consult with a medical professional, i.e. a surgeon specializing in spinal cord injuries or a physical therapy specialist, and fix your problem before proceeding to active exercise. You should be aware of the fact that acupuncture can’t fix your discs. Other than that, try searching for exercises specifically designed to get fluids in your joints flowing, they are usually based on very gentle and slow rotations in different positions.
Melvin E.
Seek the advice of a professional, like a physical therapist. Depending on the type of exercises recommended, there will probably be modifications that need to be made during the exercise. For example, in yoga, you would use props like blocks and focus on proper alignment to keep the back and core stable to minimize strain.
Enno E.
I would recommend to stretch consistently both before and after exercise. Stretch all over the body. Maybe avoid heavier weight lifting that may be aggravating your spine.
Joshua E.
Glad to hear you’re doing better! I can’t imagine what you must have gone through. Major points for wanting to exercise despite the discomfort! I would say to stick to exercises that don’t require you to bend down or get on the floor at all as those tend to be the hardes on your back. Always keep your back straight and abdomen tight. Go slow and listen to your body. If something feels like it’s too much stop and go with a lower weight or slower pace. Hope this helps!
Noah C.
Hello there, mate, a spine injury is a serious thing and you should pay closer attention to every exercise in regard to it and adjust the extend to which you push yourself, the intensity etc accordingly. Make sure you’ve got a pillow at hand to support your back. There is no need to feel uncomfortable esp. when one seeks a way to brake a pattern. Pain would only add up to the energy and will cost you’d have to overcome. So make yourself comfortable and take somewhat smaller steps.

Unfortunately the kind of injury could cause very specific individual needs . and it should be addressed with utmost attention to your specific problems and the way your body reacts to certain stimuli.

Hugh T.
I’d say be aware of over exerting your back/neck. Pain or discomfort is a warning sign of this, and is also a sign to stop. More often than not, no pain no gain is a common strategy but in the prospect of health problems pain is a warning sign. So I’d recommend yoga maybe? It’s a slower process and it’ll get easier with time, but you should also talk to a professional.
Pablo Q.
Dear Fabulous friend! 🍀I would recommend you taking small mindful steps during your practice. Just feeling your body and noticing the changes when you move. So that if anything feels uncomfortable you can change it. And maybe you can talk to your doctor to be sure that you're moving in a right direction ☺️ wishing you all the best 💕
Kay S.
I think u should try exercises that won’t put too much strain on ur back and neck. Also see a professional who can best advice u. I hope u feel better
Wayne X.
You should take it slowly to make sure you don’t hurt yourself more. Also, make sure to stretch before and be patient because you would not want to force your body to do something it is not capable of. Instead of exersice, you could try yoga as it can be less intense
Arnold O.
Of course the first thing you should do is check with your doctor to make sure which types of exercise are safe for you. Then in general, it’s important to focus on relaxed, neutral posture when exercising. This is easier when your core muscles are strong, so if your doctor approves, I suggest including core strengthening in your routine.
Alex E.
Do not lift weights. Do body weight exercise. Do warm up and stretching before any intensive cardio. Don't do any exercise beyond limit. Do exercise of back muscles to strengthen it.