What “secret” exercises you do at your work table?

Birute A.
a)Streching my arms (put myfingers together and strech them in front of my then rice them up). b) sreching my neck ( side tilt, side rotation, fovard and bachvors tilt). c) shoulder roll. Then stend up for a short walk.
Talha X.
Just a quick back stretch, raising my arms high above my head. I couple this with stretching my legs as far as I can, straight ahead, using every muscle.
Miriam A.
Sometimes I try and practice to be more present and less reactive to tasks/moments that arise during the work day. I have an impulsive nature, where I tend to respond to queries instantly and in waves, and I sometimes I wish I took more time to process and respond in a calm and collected manner. This is not to say I respond panicky or stressfully, more like stream-of-consciousness than fully conscious of the intentions behind my actions/reactions. I do wish to practice this more habitually as I realise it only occurs to me after I anxiously question a response/action I take. It occasionally leads to me stressing and worrying about how I’m potentially perceived in doing so, if I’m taken seriously, if I over-communicate or enable/people please. I do want to practice adopting silence more in my daily work life.
Miatta F.
Well what exactly are you looking for? I've been known to do calf raises, kegels, stretching, deep breathing and visualizations. Anything that is quick and can give me a focused moment with a particular part of my body
Laura W.
Well currently I don't have a job because of covid and I don't do any secret work outs I'm too lazy, and I have a daughter to look after so I don't have time for any work outs
Gregory X.
Put a pillow between my knees and squeeze as long as I can. It will flex your leg muscles and work them out with little effort.
Casey N.
Some simple yoga stretches are usually what I do. It’s much easier when I’m teleworking, but even at work I can still do some quick arm stretches, twists, or other easy stretches to help me from getting too tight while sitting all day
Laura G.
Well, it really depends on what I'm trying to improve but currently I wanna loose belly fat. So I have an app that helps me with that
Cynthia W.
I breathe deeply and slowly to relax my body. I do calve stretches and rotations, leg lifts, dips, push-ups and planks (wheels locked).