What is your pre and post workout meal?

Selena E.
I haven’t started routinely yet but today I made an amazing chicken and rice the chicken came out so good now just need veggies
Vincent Q.
I will just drink some water for pre workout meal and for post workout meal i will just drink some boost or coffee.I will not eat anything for my pre and post workout meal.I will do my workout at 6:30 something.but, I eat my breakfast at 8 o clock something.
Jito N.
I usually exercise in the morning, so I eat breakfast before my workout sessions. In addition, I don’t get hungry afterwards, as a result I don’t eat any thing. But I drink lots of water.
Prashant T.
Preworkout I usually take 2 Bananas filled with peanut butter and 5 egg whites and a black coffee.
Postworkout I take more proteins with 100gm lean chicken, salad with homemade sauce, and 50gm paneer.
The homemade sauce recipe is 3tsp fatfree yogurt, 1tsp ketchup, 1/2tsp grounded black pepper, 1/2tsp garlic pwder, and rock salt to taste
Maren U.
For my pre-workout, I take a full soup spoon of peanut butter and an oat shake. For my post-workout I just have dinner with some creatine thrown in there.
Clecira F.
Earlier, before my 5 or so mile hike with TONS of elevation, I simply had a KIND bar and drank some water. I stayed hydrated during the hike. Following, my mother and I went to a bagel shop and got turkey, egg, and cheese bagel sandwiches with coffee and/or a strawberry banana smoothie!