How soon after waking/getting up do you do your morning exercise?

Albert S.
Personally I try to give myself 30-45 minutes to get acclimated before I start my workout. This gives you time if you want to have a small snack or breakfast before you exercise, or if you need a little extra time to get your day started.
Serena Q.
After 30 mins, I wake up in the morning to stretch a bit on the bed, brush my teeth, get my weight and drink warm water. I’m usually quite excited for exercises because I got to pick them out.
Lya T.
Are like you brush your teeth and wash your face and do everything you do before having breakfast is a good time to do a morning exercise.
Bernard X.
On days where I work out. I’ll eat first before working out. I should wait a longer time between food and working out. But I’d say maybe 2-3 hours after waking up
Carl N.
Depends on the day. One weekends when I have more free time I like to either do it as soon as I get up or a little after I have a light breakfast. On weekdays I exercise when I have the time so that could be in the morning or in the afternoon in between jobs. I try to do all of my exercising before 3pm because that seems to be for me personally the time where I am most tired and unmotivated.
Neil E.
I normally do it while im trying to find clothes to wear but a good time to do your excercize would probaly be before changing and after drinking water. Then once you finish, you can continue your routine.
Sylwia X.
I do it immediately just so that way it's over with and I don't have to think about it. If I ever forget, then I'll just do a quick stretch before I eat breakfast
Emilia O.
It depends if I’m ready to go walk across the street to get groceries. If not, then I’ll do the 7 minute workout or clean the whole house instead which is a workout as well.