What’s your motivation to get out of bed? How do you push yourself to exercise in the morning when you are unmotivated and/or tired?

Brielle N.
My motivation to get out of bed would be to have the right mindset and remember why I have been blessed with another day of being alive. There are others who are unfortunately able to wake up and live to cease another day, so I get out of bed grateful that I have been granted another day of being alive and healthy. I also get out of bed because I want to do amazing things, like getting my bed fixed and eating breakfast. 😀

Stella F.
I am always tired I prep Ice coffee for the day and then I look forward to the small things that are happening throughout the day

Lore O.
May be kinda morbid or rough, but I think on what obligations I have on that specific day, and think on the consequences or how I would feel after the consequences affect me IF I don't do those, or depending on what it is, I think on what benefits I might lose out on.
Thank you for reading, cheers!

Koi R.
I get myself out of bed with the promise of music i like or a podcast that i love, and when it comes to exercising i just genuinely enjoy it.

Dwight E.
I make a list of what makes me unmotivated or tired. And i tell myself time and time again it will make me feel better if i stick to my routines. It really does make me feel better

Aleshia Z.
Do you practice self-care? Exercise, eating right, getting enough sleep, meditation, reading, and journaling are all tyeps of self-care.