How do you find a way to work out at home if you have roommates?

Malone Y.
Most of the time when they are cooking or doing some other thing in house i lock the room and exercise while other times when they are sleeping i workout (silent workouts) which is easier
Σοφία Γρ. N.
Usually it's privacy we miss, but it's actually not too hard to find it. If we are familiar enough, we could tell them to go for a walk, for some minutes, half an hour max. Coffee with friends, super market, fast food, there is always something. Option B is to find a private room (of there isn't any, kitchen or bathroom work just fine) and do some quick simple exercises. You don't need to do much to be healthy. And last option, go for a walk, go for a run. You need nothing for that, just time. And of course, best option of all, is the mix. No day ain't perfect, we need to improvise and see what works best.