What are the most efficient exercises I can do?

Teresa Z.
It depends on your fitness goal. For efficiency being consistent is the key. This way you will see results in your exercise practice.
Emma F.
My short term goal is to improve my cardio endurance and my longterm goal is weight loss. Both of those can be achieved with fairly intense cardio exersises. Right now I'm doing videos with a variety of cardio and strength training and when the weather is nicer I will add in running outdoors.
Philip Z.
Efficiency depends on what your goal is: for example general fitness, weight loss, muscle gain/strength etc etc. So in general, if you’re just starting go for short and effective, like 7 minute exercises. They don’t take much time so it’s easy to get motivated and there are many options. Try the one offered by Fabulous and maybe you’re also interested in “Seven” the app… One way or another the specific exercises (crunches, squats, pushups etc etc) that are most efficient for you depends on you and your body so you won’t get around just trying it out to find out 😉
Kelly O.
Dynamic stretching gets you warmed up and stretched out at the same time, and whole body moves like burpees and rowing are great for efficiency.
Andrew J.
For Cardio swimming or HITT walk/jogging are lowish impact and very efficient. For strength training try to find a full body workout, where major muscke groups work together with 48 hrs recovery between. A 5 x 5 program is a tried and tried example which only requires 3 days a week of strength training and builds on your progress incrementally so you do not become injured.
Ana N.
I’ve been enjoyed doing squats and any type of body work. I always start with stretching tho, it helps quite a lot waking up slowly
Daniel W.
Exercises for what? Mental or physical health. If you mean mental exercises, I can definitely say, from my own experience, do affirmations. They will transform your thinking. Your words do not return void. Which means your words basically shape your reality. The brain cannot differentiate between fact and fiction. If you create your own reality with your words, the rest will follow. You automatically get better thoughts which triggers better feelings. And this ultimately alters your perception of reality, because your brain starts to see positive things and chances.
Ahmet E.
If you’re in the Apple ecosystem, check out Apple Fitness. I find it to be the perfect companion with a multitude of different exercises and teaching exercises.
Roze Z.
A dance around your living room is a good and enjoyable full body workout. It combines cardio with strength training and is also good for the soul 🙂
Cheyenne C.
Crunches, squats, arm presses. Really anything that works my problem areas. And anything that makes me feel good about my self. Things I can see progress in!!
Getter Y.
I think it depends what your goal is. For core strength and flexibility I would recommend yoga, for stamina or weight loss I’d go with cardio and for toned muscles probably a mix of cardio and weight training. Also I would recommend to try out dancing and different workout routine videos on YouTube.
Emmie Y.
I do martial art… Bujinkan… But also just a bit of junan taiso or yoga is good I think…on yt there are some good video to learn if u want… If u want to start easy I think junan taiso is great( it is just the exercises that we do before training)…
Ted T.
I am not a professional in this area but from my perspective, there is not one exercise that is the most effective to your body. Everyone's body is different and everyone's body requires different exercises.
Kate N.
Stretching is really great! It will help you feel more comfortable in your body and prevent injury. Body weight exercises like squats, push ups and crunches are a great place to start any exercise journey.
Cilly E.
Interval training gets a lot of attention as a very efficient form of exercise, but the studies are all about running in intervals, not the more whole-body workout intervals like HIIT. It still might not be a bad place to start! My only experience to share is that I find my workout is much more effective if I take a little time to warm up first – it adds time up front, yes, but I get more out of everything that follows.
Whitney T.
Anything that can be done anywhere! Personally, I'm all over the place all day – unless I can do the movements anywhere, then they won't be done. I like simple bodyweight exercises like squats, pushups, tricep dips, lunges, crunches, etc.
Brett X.
When it comes to efficiency, intensity is key–though getting a routine is most important, as some exercise is better than none. I have done squats with a kettlebell, climing on a chair while lifting a weight with my opposite arm, and planks. Generally, intervals are good.

In another form of efficiency, working exercise into daily life, like carrying a little extra weight in your backpack or adding an extra walk to a space, etc., can help.

Hannah S.
I excercise by walking at work and use the excercise app on my phone to give me variation. I can also do Fitness Boxing and Just Dance on my switch
V Lter C.
The most efficient exercises one can do is high intensity interval training early as they rise. This will allow them to expand their mental and physiological capabilities. One would also be able to have a higher amount of energy and better blood pressure throughout the day. An evening sport such as karate or squash or perhaps swimming will allow for the body to exercise with the mindset to compete. Moving the body from simple training mode to competition and performance mode. This is one of the best combination of exercises. If you really want to push yourself to your ascended state you can safely insert a kundalini yoga session for each chakra for each day. This brings spirituality into your physical and cleanses the body of all ill vibrations. To do these exercises daily would guarantee infinite health for the rest of your centuries here on earth with your body fully being given the ability to truly enjoy life.
Genevie O.
Anything that makes you feel good. Anything that challenges you to do better. Anything that allows you to be your true self.
Andrew Z.
Burpees are a good addition to a dynamic routine. But even a short session of aerobics, followed by a quick run (repeated daily) can have incredible results.
Marissa C.
You can't go wrong with holding the plank position in 30 second intervals. It works your core muscles like no other! Another would be basic cardio; a walk jog gets your blood flow where it needs to go! Your Muscles and Brain 🧠 will thank you for it. Last but not least, a thorough yoga flow, can work every muscle in the body and relieve stress in the joints.
Michelle C.
I started with daily Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube…slowly I’ve introduced Pilates videos. After this, I’ll begin to add cardio.
Eliott O.
If you don't have much space or time for exercising, try to incorporate extra movement into your daily routine. Especially moments when you would otherwise be standing or sitting still and waiting. Try dancing, balancing, stretching, or getting reps in of jumping jacks, crunches, or lunges.
Martin O.
If you are in a hurry, you can just do push-ups, squats, or something like that. If you have time, go for a walk for example.
Enzo Y.
When it comes to a type fir exercise for beginners I would say walking. You don't need any special equipment and you can do it any time. Put on a pair of earbuds or head phones and listen to music, a podcast or maybe chat with a friend. Or..just listen to yoir surroundings if you find yourself in a space that resonates with you. I always feel better after a walk.
If you are not a beginner to exercise and want to improve strength try compound movements like jumping jacks, lunges, squats, push-ups, planks and sit ups.
Crystal O.
Burpees, lump lunges, and planks. Doing each of those for a minute for 3 rounds takes 10 minutes and you're good for the day. HIIT is by far most efficient.