What type of exercise do you perform in your daily morning routine?

Vanessa Y.
That varies. I plan something vigorous at least 3x per week (running, weightlifting, biking, etc), and the other days I just do *something* for at least a few minutes. Something like a walk around the block, a 5-minute yoga flow, or 60 seconds of jump rope followed by a few pushups, pull-ups, and a quick stretch. Anything to start the day right!!
Johan Z.
I do push-ups five sets of 10 and set ups five sets of 50 that takes about eight minutes. If I don’t do it in the morning when I do it in the evening
Ana E.
For my morning routine I usually try to steer away from the heavy workouts at least at the start. I’ll typically do some stretches and/or some yoga. I use an app called Workout for Women that has a wide variety of workouts, seeing as Fabulous only has a few available for free.
Torsten F.
Currently it’s physical therapy after knee surgery. It will again become walking most days when my progress is such to do that.
Annie J.
I usually do arm exercises following YouTube video it is short but effective also I walk everyday at least 3 km because my school is that far away so I walk to or from school when I don't have a bus but I try to walk at least one way sometimes I walk both to anf from school. Also on some days I practice yoga morning routine. All these videos I follow from a channel called Boho Beautiful.
Rasmus E.
Hey, since I've just gotten started I stick to short exercises. I usually do my squats and a plank. And ofc stretching. Stretch before and after always to avoid injuring yourself and being sore the entire day.
Hope you do great!
Ben F.
As i am clinically obese, I do simple things… i either walk on the spot for ten minutes or walk down the lane with my dogs.
Tita Z.
I like to put in headphones, put on some fast beat music and just dance. I usually do weird stuff and a little bit of Zumba to get my heart rate up. It gets me in a good mood and therefore is a great way to start my day.
Naja C.
Most mornings I will go for a 30 minute walk. One morning I get up early and go to a circuit class at 6.15. I am really enjoying watching the sunrise each day. It’s actually become a motivator.
Malthe U.
I usually do qigong, a form of Chinese exercise, it’s almost like moving meditation. It stretches me out and sets me up for the day.
Neusa G.
I generally rotate between three options. Walking at the gym, yoga at home or a workout video at home. I like the variety of choices. When the weather gets better and the sun comes up sooner I'll walk outside for my routine.
Maja X.
Walking, swimming, crosstrainer, stretching, one day more intensive the next one calm and once in a week two times in a row light. Maybe I should start with 7 minutes routine.
Victoria P.
I like to go running – it’s super good for weight loss and general health. The great thing is that it only takes about 20 minutes to do in total. You don’t have to spend a long time doing your workout, the more important thing is consistency. I try to run Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and the other days are either off days or I can do light stretches or yoga.
Lola P.
I’ve decided to run a mile every morning. Because I’m out of shape, I started slow and made my time to 14 minutes, after several days, I brought it down to 10 min. Running is hopefully going to help rebuild my stamina
Nicky C.
I use the exercises in this app. Sometimes it is the one minute exercise on busy mornings. I didn’t think a minute of exercise could make a difference but it does. Always do something- today was the 10 minutes gym workout.
Ma Va E.
Because I am not a morning person, I find that the thought of a big exercise routine is enough to make me sleep until noon. That being said, I prefer to complete a 10 – 20 minute yoga video in order to get a bomb stretch and warm up goin as well as start my day feeling mindful, grounded, and confident.
Matthew C.
Walking the dog and my daughter to school. It gives us time to have a really nice chat and we both start the day much happier!
Mildred U.
Tai Chi with weights. I really want to learn different forms so I can do this in the woods. Now I have to do following a routine on my computer.
L Andre N.
What I do for my morning exercise depends on the day. Today I ran 5 miles on a snowy trail with friends. Yesterday I did 2 minutes of yoga. The day before I shoveled the driveway. It all depends – but I count the habit as fulfilled as long as I did *something* to move my body first thing in the morning.
Evan O.
I really enjoy doing yoga because it’s a slow exercise which can help you to improve your body step by step. You can earn strength, flexibility and balance little by little and being very gentle with yourself and if you have a very stiff body, it helps a lot to give you the energy and motivation that you need to begin exercising, instead of hard or heavy exercises that it might result tiring and frustrating if you don’t feel the mood.
Clayton E.
I do a different workout each day concentrating on a specific area such as abs, leg, arms and upper body, etc. It’s about 10 minutes and then I walk around for about 5 minutes.
Marine Z.
I do various different exercises so I don't get bored. I'll do a quick search on YouTube and get all sorts of short 10 minute exercises
Marie Y.
I find it helpful to use the excercise options provided in the app just below were you would check off your exercise goal. If I'm rushed for time, I use the 7 minute workout. They even have a one minute one just to get you moving. I personally want to try the running ones once it stops raining outside in the mornings.
Blanche E.
I only do a short 5 minute routine in my bedroom to get my heart going. I workout later in the day, because that is when it feels better to me, but that quick wake up routine of planks, squats, and stretches is great for waking up.
Gaspard E.
I do exercise videos from Lumowell on Amazon video. They have shorter and longer ones, and I pick something that fits into the amount of time I have.
Sibylla F.
I usually do CrossFit, it gets you to lose weight and get taller, if you want to.Even 5 minutes a day was enough for me to lose 1.5 kilograms and get taller 1.5 cm!Can you believe that?So, Anyway.CrossFit is the ideal exercise type for me!
Alice W.
Yoga. I start with a sun salutation x 5. Move into table top. Do cat cow x 10. Go into child’s pose for 10 breaths. Go into down ward dog for 5 breaths. Then do tree pose for 5 breaths on each leg. I then lay in corpse pose for 20 breaths.
Sol Ne F.
Today it was a CrossFit session. I didn’t over extend myself but did complete the session. There are a number of warmup exercises, Stretches, weight lifting. All parts of the body got a work over.
Tony Y.
Usually just push-ups and squats. Sometimes I have time for a full 25-minute workout like t25 by beachbody, but I usually prefer to work out in the evening
Lola Z.
I do 10 minutes of active stretching in the morning. That way I’m nice and limber for my afternoon exercise and I’ve seen good results and changes in my body just from stretching every day.
Flenn Q.
I practice qigong every morning for 20 minutes. It helps me to stretch out and ease my body to wakefulness, there is a meditative quality to qigong as well. I feel awake and refreshed ready for my day when I finish.