How do I motivate myself to exercise when I lead a busy life and have trouble finding the time?

Sof A C.
Look out for shorter workouts. We tend to think that a workout should be 1 hour or 45 minutes long. This time frame may not fit into busy schedules like ours. Instead, you can do a 10 or 15 minute workout every other day and feel great afterwards. That is enough to lead to results you picture to see in your body and well-being overall.
Gabriel F.
Make time for it no matter what and exercise is 1 hour of your day and if you really love yourself you can and you should give one hour for yourself
Frida C.
Hi there, I know it is difficult but you can do it if you want it, it you don't you make excuses, so first question to ask yourself is do I want it, and then how much do I want it, why do i want it, and if you really want it you will find motivation in yourself to do it. Let me tell you a story long time ago I had health issues, anyway I was going from doctor to doctor, one will say do this, take these pills, Next one will say something else and another pills, and third one and forth…, and friends, and family and strangers and one day I said myself enough is enough so I started to read, to looking for the right answer because i wanted so badly to enjoy my life again , so I did it i found what i have to do because I wanted to and it wasn't easy back then we didn'thave Internet, smart phones, or even mobiles, two options library or book store,so if you really want something you will find a way to do it, it doesn't matter of anything, and if it easy for you, say yourself i will do it for 3 days or 6 it doesn't matter and on next day I will reward myself with a something I like because I have done good job, well done to me. About time there is not excuse, you always can find time for yourself, you are most important person for yourself , I have two jobs I work 7 days a week and I still find time to myself to go to gym, for shopping, to speak with mum, friends, family, to browse, to walk and have fun or in sunny day to go to park on river in city centre sit on beach have my breakfast before work and watch people, and dogs and little kids enjoying life, so …no excuses, you can do it, life is too short, enjoy it, and remember you are not alone, we are here to help,you can do it, JUST DO IT, good luck
In S O.
Start early in the morning or look at your schedule and find a place/ time slot where you are always/ most of the time free/ available. Use that time to exercise, start with simple steps like going for a walk and when you feel prepared jump for some stretching sequences, a yoga class, a longer walk (with some run maybe) or a fitness class. You choose! In no time you will stick to it! 🙂