There are several days where I can’t wake up early for work and it causes me to hurry or skip the workout part. Any advice on waking up earlier so I don’t skip the workout?

Rafaela C.
I struggle with the same problem. Even more if it's a rainy day. I found that the best motivator is to organize everything for your morning routine on the evening before.

Keeping a good sleeping schedule really helps with this as well. If you go to bed around the same time every evening, and get your 7-8hr sleep, most likely you will start waking up naturally in good time. And feeling energised. Remember that sleeping too much might cause you to feel more tired during the day.

Also keep your alarm at a distance from your bed which will force you to get up and turn it off, run and wash your face with cold water and this will start getting you more in the mood to actually wake up.

I'm a food person, so I motivate myself to do my exercises because Ithen i can prepare an awesome breakfast as a reward. Find this "reward" for you as well, something that you get excited for.

And remember it is okay to do a bit less, or skip a day if you had a long week, the important thing is not to give up all together and try to keep it going. If you're not as motivated that day, maybe instead of 5K, do 3K, at least you went and you did it ! That's what matters <3

Diana Q.
I believe that it is a matter of mindset. You really have to prioritize in your mind that exercising is a must. It is something you really really really want to do and achieve. When you think like that everything will seem easier to organise.
Purple S.
Work on your bedtime routine. The better sleep you get the better your mornings are. Also put in place some incentive for working out in the morning – maybe drinking your coffee only after you had your workout. Try to make small gradual commitments too for the habit, don't go all big at first
Nanna N.
I find that the easiest way to wake up at the same time is to go to sleep at the same time. After time, your body will start waking you at that time.
Miguel F.
Put your training clothes next to your bed so when you wake up you dress to workout. Put your phone outside the room so when the alarm goes off you get out of the bed. As soon as you wake up, jump from the bed and wash your face with cold water. Dress your training clothes, have water and coffee and stop making escuses to skip your training sessions. And always remember why you need to exercise. The benefits only come after the hard work. Lets go!
Lino C.
Routine. Same time to bed every night and set clock for 5 to 10 minutes earlier than normal time. An established routine and a good night rest is the answer