When I am very depressed, I struggle to even get out of the chair sometimes. Once I am moving it is easier. Any tips to help me take that very first step?

Liviverse N.
Use the 123 method. Start slow and maybe put your hand on a wall or table, counting from 1, 2, 3, action! Keep going, making 3 steps to get up and then before you know it you’re up and ready. Also make sure you have planned something you want to do before you get up to distract yourself from doing it again.
Mylan E.
Rise from your seat, look out a window. Watch the birds industrially making a nest or the wind blows through the tree's leaves. Walk to the kitchen and get a glass of water. Don't make things too complicated.
Luca Z.
I battle with depression myself. It's a battle you constantly fight. There's times I don't want to leave the bed, but once you push yourself out you're up. You have to take that first push yourself.
Ashwini I.
Stop procrastination. Keep everything that distracts you at a distance. Let it be a person or just your mobile phone. Make sure to be grateful for your day. Think of what is happiness for you. And try to start with it. That must be exciting when you get up for your favorite thing. For instance, if you like dancing, then turn on your favorite song and move your feet. The energy you gain will make you take steps ahead for the rest of the day. Finally make sure to stay focused on your own business. That gives you so much me time for yourself which in turn becomes a productive day for you.
Tea T.
Well i can have that feeling too and when those times comes i usually set up gooles too do when i as a example go for a walk Than after that maybe i start that project i been wanting to do for a long time (sorry my English is not that good)
Kelley Z.
1. Set micro goals for yourself. For example, if you can’t get off the sofa or out of a chair, make it a goal to get up from the place you’re sitting, walk for 10 steps. And make that your goal. Whatever you do after that, you’ve accomplished that goal at least.
2. Some of the best advice I ever got was that “action precedes motivation” – while it may feel like you have to have motivation to get moving and do stuff, you don’t actually. You just have to do it. You can hate it while you’re doing it, you can curse and cuss and bemoan at having to act (I sure do!), but you can do it.
3. Be kind to yourself. When you’re in a depressed state, it’s critical that you are compassionate toward yourself. The main reason for this is that that is the time when you are least likely to be compassionate, and it is the time in which you are in greatest need. So don’t set yourself up for failure by overdoing it with your ambitions and goals, and make sure to do self-care to reward yourself when you do accomplish things and to take care of yourself in general.
Alex Z.
I got this from a show (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt to be exact) take it 10 seconds at a time. Don’t overwork yourself. Get out of the chair and then do something simple (taking out the trash, walk your dog, etc…) YOU GOT THIS!!!
Hope this helped!
Sara N.
Take a few minutes breathe deeply and remind yourself of the feeling you get from doing something so small or big every little thing you do for yourself is something you should be proud of
Max J.
Um well, I usually just practice breathing before I try and get up. It's probably a good idea to do that and try to think of some positive things, hope this helps!
Kaitlyn U.
It’s easier for me if I tell myself that I only need to take that first step. Whether it is getting out of bed and moving to a chair, or getting a glass of water, I convince my brain that I am only required to do that one simple thing. Usually it works because I can trick my brain into thinking that the 1 thing is the only thing required and everything else is an extra accomplishment, which has the added benefit of making me feel batter about everything else I get done. This worked for me before I got medication (I’m doing much better now), so hopefully it helps
Julian E.
Well im glad you came to me, I also struggle with depression, when you are up and moving even when your in the chair try find some peace and think of things that make you happy, and try to meditate i hope this helps if you need anything else plz dont hesitate to ask 💜
Gary Z.
I have a list with 'feel good' music on YouTube. If i have a difficult day, i listen to a couple of songs. Before i know i'm dancing avond the room.
Rhia N.
hii, never see depression as a negative thing- you can only work your way up from here! its okay to sometimes struggle, perhaps your energy levels are low which is totally okay to experience and can be improved by eating something and having something to drink. taking the very first step is hard but i know and i believe that you can do it. reaching out for help is already a huge first step and i am so proud of you for doing that. every day, set yourself a small task to do and eventually create a schedule out of it. i have so much faith in you!
Alexandra S.
First off, thanks for reaching out! I very much appreciate it. As you’ve already said, taking that first step can be challenging, which is why you must push yourself. I often struggle with the same thing. One tip I have for you is to get used to that feeling of not always sitting down. Instead try to move your body a little more, preventing this problem in the first place. Lastly you can also reward yourself for getting up and out of that chair. Life is all about improving, but sometimes taking things slow is the best way to go! 🙂
Gilbert P.
Well for me i just lost motivation and i spoke up about my depression and i started doin stuff i loved and cared for and even if i didnt feel like it i did it. But i did it anyways but i fell back in love with it again and i even listened to music i screamed singing and danced into a better mood.
L Cia Y.
I follow the 5-second rule. Immediately when I want to do something, I would count down my head from 5 seconds. Once the 5 seconds are up, I immediately get up and do any action required of me. I hope this helps!