I am having issues losing my stubborn tummy fat: I’m eating healthier but I feel that last parts of my tummy doesn’t want to leave. Have any tips or advice to lose tummy fat but keep my curves and muscle?

Elias E.
Hello my friend , tummy fats are the last fat of the body to burn…so keep on the schadule and exercise on a plan and keep on the track so you will burn that stubborn tummy fat finally , but not now 🙂
Ethan T.
Well I am fasting aswell so that is helping me lose my tummy weight and I do exercises everyday for like an hour then yoga and I feel great and I have lost 5kgs from it.
Ursulina Q.
Try the cucumber diet Basicall you eat as much cucumbers as you would like throughout the day. That in turn stimulates the body to burn fat as the body find food coming in. On the other hand cucumbers are mostly water and very low in calories and rich in vitamin E. You will have excellent skin ,be well hydrated and lose weight at the same time.
Hardy Z.
Check out Carb Cycling diet plan and Athlean-X's/Chloe Ting's Youtube Workout Videos. No matter what you do, never skip carbs just to lose weight as you need carbs to burn fat.
Clifford P.
Keep eating protein like eggs for example and drink every morning 1 glass of warm water and lemon…and exercise of course…😊
Lilly C.
Actually i'm suffering from the same problem i tried going on diet but it didn't work and the people who succeeded always say that working out for a long time it the best solution plus you need to stop eating after 9 AM and drink al least 3l of water during the day
Mariusz E.
It is about nutrition and consistency. Eating what properly fuels your body while continuing to do exercise that will burn that stubborn fat. Keep it up ❤
Florence P.
I think you should start drinking green tea and drink a lot of water. If you want, you can also drink some detox water like cucumber, mint ecc. I have been struggling with the same thing too, and my advice is to eat very slow. Enjoy your food. Find some specifics exercises for your tummy and repeat everyday. You have to be patient, it takes time but the results will make you so happy and confident. Good Luck!!
Perry Q.
Protein shakes! It gives you enough energy and carbs to hold you over till lunch. However, some days I wake up hungrier than usual so, if I have the time, I'll cook some salmon and eat it before I leave for work. But, everyday I take an apple and my protein shake with me! If you like the peanut butter cup smoothie from Tropical Smoothie, then this is for you!
Add 1 scoop of chocolate Whey Protein powder (or Vanilla, but I recommend chocolate),
1 Tablespoon of gluten free powdered chocolate peanut butter (I use the Simply Nature brand from Aldi's),
1 banana,
and 1 cup of Almond Milk, mix it in your blender, and you just saved yourself from spending $6 every morning at Tropical Smoothie AND it's healthier! Now, if you don't like almond milk, any other milk is fine, but if you're looking to lose weight, I recommend using reduced-fat, skim, or soy milk. For anyone that is like me and is lactose intolerant, almond, soy, and Lactaid milk are very good options!
If you're not a huge fan of peanut butter, there are so many different smoothie recipes online but, in my experience, this is the only recipe that has kept me from overeating!
Nicholas C.
Yes!! The first thing I would do is check that you have enough range in the fermented foods you’re consuming so the bacteria in your belly that is eating away at the food you consume is happy!! When it’s happy then it stops throwing gas into the system and creating extra bloat 😌 AND it means the rest of your body has extra energy to put into digesting and building muscle rather than putting out temper tantrums. And secondly, make sure you’re taking care of your bowels with cool pelvic floor stretches and control exercises, there’s some great online pelvic rehab people you can probably follow for more ideas 🙂 Hope this helps!!
Virgil U.
Firt drink one glass of warm water with lemon and one spoon of honey mix them well and drink it . Every morning will help with tummy fat ☺️
Marion P.
if you’re talking abt the little bump at the bottom of ur stomach that’s where ur uterus is. if you’re not i reccomend maybe water fasting. i fast for ramadan (without water) and i lose lots of weight.
Callum N.
Do exercise everyday, take a rest one day and continue to eat healhier .If you don't see any change after one month go see a doctor on food to have more understanding about your issues.
Marian J.
try going on a calorie deficit. you may need to do some research but you basically just need to eat less calories than your maintenance amount. you don’t even need to keep precise track but it helps to burn fat
Ferdinando A.
Hi, I think you have a nice goal!
It’s very important that you lose weight in a healthy way.
You can go to the gym and eat healthier. But here’s the important part… Even if you don’t see the results right away, KEEP GOING!
Believe me, eventually you’re going to see the results.
You are going to look in the mirror and see that strong independent woman standing there.
Tyrone N.
Both diet and exercise plays the role…..it really takes time….only follow small things…like glass of water after waking up…don't drink water after meals and so on…I follow these things even I have slim tummy… consistency is key
Dolores O.
Well, I don't think I could help but maybe just don't give up and sometimes when you lose alot of weight you have to have surgery to get that fat off
Johnni E.
I'm not entirely sure. My philosophy has always been be patient. Don't focus on streaks, because when a streak ends on accident, you'll want to binge. Focus on growth. Even if you only eat healthy 51% of the time, you are being healthy more than you are being unhealthy. Focus on trajectory and give things time to change.
Emil G.
Lower abs and upper abs workout does work but with full body workout, alone focus on tummy didn’t get u in shape u also need sides to be stretched and in shape