How much time do you exercise for daily?

Klaus Michael T.
I’ve only been going for about 10 days so far, but I’m trying to do a little in the morning and a little at lunch. So far I’ve built up to a 15 minute jog with a 7 minute work out (using a great app – star jumps, push ups etc) in the morning and then a 10 minute walk around lunch time. I walk a fair bit outside of these times and keep an eye on my step-count…I’m aiming for around 10,000 per day.

Tristan T.
Depends on how much time I have… usually from 4-17 the 4min can be really intense ex: tabata, while the longer ones can be like yoga

Jacob P.
I Do short but intense workouts at home. I choose workouts from YouTube that challenges different parts of the body. They probably last for 10 min each so I exercise for 40 min/day. (I’m not a beginner)

Juliette Z.
I do 10-20 minutes of yoga every day within 30 minutes of waking up. Then after work I alternate between cardio and resistance training, 30 minutes of either treadmill light walking / jogging or high intensity exercises. Sunday is rest day ☺️

Kenneth F.
It varies. Sadly I have a sit down job and attend many meetings daily. I try as much as I can to get at least 10,000 steps per day and 20 minutes of my heart rate up. This can include running around my house getting evening chores done. Weekends I try to be as active as possible. My goal is to start working out Monday to Friday at lunch for 60 minutes at the gym

Mathilde C.
It varies. I do 1/2 hour strength training twice a week. I take long, short and medium walks and sometimes I dance around the house for 10 minutes. It works for me. I am 70 years old.

Tess T.
I love strength training/weightlifting which I aim to do 5 days a week but now I’m about 3 days a week. I work out for 1 hr and follow a program called Strong Curves . The Regimy app has

Silas A.
Depends on the day but usually between 30 minutes and an hour.
If I’m feeling sick or hungover (haha) I might just do the 1 minute “just get moving” program and then stretch.
If I’m busy I’ll do the 7 minute or 10 minute intense workouts.
I always feel better after working out and stretching.

Nora C.
I do 20 minutes of qigong in the morning, 10,000 steps during the day, 20 + minutes of weights or cardio in the evening.

Eckart G.
I have been following a strength training program and it takes about 1hr a day, three days a week, I never miss those. On my off days I try (usually miss) to do light yoga or cardio type work for about 30 min.

Andr A Y.
Currently I am starting with what’s easiest for me…stretching for about 30 minutes. Not sure it’s exactly exercise cause there’s not any cardio or strength involved, but it’s a start.

Lilly Q.
I usually exercise for 20 minutes in the morning before getting in the shower. Then I work in small amounts of exercise at other times during my workday. Wen I can, I get outside for a 15-25 minute lunch break walk. We have 4 stories in the building where I work so I also go up and down the steps at least 3 times during the workday.

Francesco T.
I do something every day.
Running 3 times a week takes 20 to 30 minutes.
The other days i dance in front of my pc for about 15 minutes.

And then I take all the extras where i can get them, like taking my bike instead of the car or going for walks.

It adds up, my sister could tell I've been exercising and she had not seen me since i started fabulous 7 weeks ago 🙂

Albrecht O.
it depends i try to exercise at least 30 minutes a day but the days i dont go to the gym (which are 2 days as i try to go 5 a week) sometimes i cant keep it up and do nothing or 18 minutes. The days i go, at least an hour.

Olivia O.
I have a pretty busy life with work & 2 kids, so I do short, yet high intensity daily workouts that only last about 10-20 mins. & focus on target areas. I love Danette May's workouts! I have her both her Total Body Workout and 10 min. Abs Workout CD's, and also follow her on FB & YouTube for other great workouts, tips, recipes, meal plans, inspiration, etc.

Ugo Y.
It actually varies a lot from day to day. I try to make time for at least a ten minute stretch in the morning and I always go through the Tai Chi forms I've learned so far before bed, but there are days when I also have dance class, which is usually an hour to an hour and a half.

Izzie Z.
I usually exercise 10-15 minutes, depending on my motivation. Any progress is progress, in my opinion. In previous attempts, I worked out for longer periods and gave up after a few weeks.

Charlotte J.
I do my best to stay active for no less than 20 min . I walk the track for 30 min and I dance daily for 20 minutes minimum 45 maximum. Dancing is my favorite way to stay active!!

Ida P.
I recently started exercising for at least 15 minutes. but you can start with as little as 5 mins, or if that still sounds like too much then the fab app has a “move for 1 min” option under the exercise habit. Hope this helps 🙂

Janna O.
It changes. Some days it's only a couple of minutes, other days it can be hours! Especially if I go on long walks or am.playing a sport.

Brayden F.
At least 3 times a week for an hour in the gym, then on the other days it depends on when at else is going on, sometimes a long 1 or 2 hour dog walk, or sometimes just a 20 minute one!

Rosie P.
Each session I exercise for is at least 10 minutes (up to 20 minutes) twice a day. Keeping the goal low makes it more likely that I'll keep the commitments but I'm flexible enough to keep going if I'm more motivated.

Joe T.
I am recovering from a flare-up of my chronic illness, so I am trying to be consistent over strenuous. I've decided to do the 7 minute workout this week, something I can do with no equipment and right out of bed.

Beverley U.
I run for one hour three times a week. I discovered that running in the afternoon works best for me. I love finding a little bit of sunshine, and taking a break from the day with the escape of exercise. I also go to yoga during my lunch hours on Tuesday and Thursday, and I go on Wednesday and Friday morning, as I don’t work those two days.