What is your favourite exercise?

Jane E.
Trampoline jumping because it's fun and you can burn a whole lot of calories, as we would say here: two flies in one hit.
Asta W.
Dancing is an excellent way to exercise your body. It's not only a good activity to release stress or increase adrenaline, but also an active factor in keeping yourself balanced. You use your whole body to dance, and it's incredibly relieving when you feel you've burned enough all over. Sometimes music is all we need to jive well with ourselves, and I hope you can experience that too ^^
Annie N.
I love running! But the main goal is to find something you love and just go for it. Walk your dog, play with your kids, do a Chloe Ting, learn something new. Don't forget to exercise your mind too!
Dasha X.
Well, i think most favourite for me is yoga and breath exercises. It makes me full of harmony and energy, so i prefer to do it first of all things in my daily routine.
Maria G.
Typically, I try to finish a big Starbucks water bottle before breakfast. Walk my dog and drink some more during the walk so that when I have breakfast I can have coffee. Usually, right after I’ll drink some more with daily vitamins and allergy medications.