Do you do yoga before or after morning exercise workout?

Marius Z.
Yoga is a spiritual sport, most people do it to either meditate, stretch or even for fun. Yoga can be done before the morning exercise workout as it stretches your muscles to prepare for the exercise. It can be also done after the morning exercise because usually after a workout your heart tends to beat fast so yoga will help it calm down. You can also do yoga before and after the morning exercise workout. You should do yoga at anytime, you have to choose a time that will be suitable for YOU not for others.
Good luck !
Aijamal E.
I do yoga after workout as a cooldown. The reason for this is that yoga calms and relaxes your muscles and thus they're not gonna hurt. Moreover it's better and easier to stretch by doing yoga when your muscles are warmed up after workout. Wish you all the best!
Holm U.
This might sound odd, but I do yoga whenever I have a free moment. I set aside time once a week to do a planned time for yoga or a workout. I like to plan out a yoga routine that work for me by using Pinterest for different methods: nighttime, waking up, mestruation, etc. However, for a workout I have different workout regimens for all of my favorite Netflix and Disney shows
Ylenia Z.
Actually, I do yoga before dinner. It helps me relax and push away all the stress of the day. But last year I used to do it early in the morning before breakfast
Stephanie N.
I love to do yoga before and after a morning workout. Helps me with stretching and helps me focus on other tasks after and helps me focus on the workout I want to do.
Beverly O.
I do it both before and after, to get my joints lose, nice and energised first, and to help through any stagnation later.
Marsha O.
Yes just breath relax and ingnore all distractions lock your door turn off your phone or put it on flight mode or computer/laptop just make sure you are breathing and the only thing you here are birds chipping
Inka X.
Although I personally don't do yoga, if I were to in future I'd probably do it as soon as I wake up before my workout. It'd serve as a gentle wake up call to my body and would get me in the right mindset for my workout. Also, it may be a minimal warm up depending on how intense the yoga is.

P. S. I don't know who you are but I'm proud of you. For even being this on this app, your actively trying to change your life. Well done and I hope you're doing okay. I know you can do this. It gets better 😚

Allison P.
Actually I exercise in the evening, my work involves hours of sitting in front of a computer, so I go out when my work is finished, I run and walk, when I come back him I do yoga, I also practice some yoga asanas in the morning, but i stretcg a little harder in the afternoon