I am very sensitive to cold temperatures due to my health. I get bored to death walking on machines. What do you do for exercise when outside is out of bounds?

Emma C.
My top pick would be yoga. Set up your space nicely – tidy the surfaces, light some candles or incense, roll out your mat – and put on a YouTube yoga tutorial. It’s ok if you have to shop around for a video you like – take your time to find one that suits you. I do hatha yoga with Yoga To Health, which is quite gentle. Another option could be tai chi, or for a more energetic option if you have the whole house to yourself, karate or judo. I hope this is helpful!
Carlos C.
Well im my case, when doing exercise inside, i prefer doing Qi Gong or Tai Chi Chuan. It makes me calm down and works both my phisics and mind.
Zunaira G.
You should try to paint even if you are not good at it try watching your favourite tv series but only one a day try to bake or try new things you have never tried it can be as simple as cleaning your room tryout journaling it has help me a lot to
Julia O.
Look up some workouts on YouTube. Theres something for everyone on there and the people making the videos cheer you on and remind you to have a good form
Ann U.
Running in cold temperatures is also available, you just have to get well-dressed. But as an alternative, I used to do Spinning sometimes, which is also an aerobic way to do sports, but it's in groups, with music, so much fun!
For strength I love functional types or Pilates
K Z.
First of all i wish you good health. Be safe. U can do stretching exercises that can be done on sitting chair. And also do some breathing exercises
Rebecca G.
Whenever I can’t go outside, I just search for a workout on youtube. There are a lot of different you tubers that focus on exercise. If you are a beginner, I suggest Chloe Ting or Blogilates. If you are more advanced at working out, Lilli Sabri or Caroline Girvan are fantastic choices as well. Some other, more boring options are jump roping or running on a machine. You could also dance (following a youtube video or some other media).
Robin R.
I do a little dance inside my room. If that doesn't feel enough like excercise, look up some fitness/Zumba/strength moves (like lunges or squats) that you can incorporate into your dance, or dance with dumbbells in your hands. This works really well for me because it's fun and very easy, and you don't have to go outside at all 🙂
Diana N.
My suggestion would be to buy a yoga mat and find some space in your house. Try some at home workouts, i have a board on pinterest where i save all different types of workouts for home and when im doing my daily exercise i simply pick a few to do then take a nice shower. The mat is convenient if it is raining outside since i can just workout in my room.
A N.
It may not be anymore beneficial but there are several free work out apps that require no equipment that you can use to stay active aside from going to the gym. If you like waking go to a mall and walk around it a few times and take the stairs
Leta P.
This app has a wonderful exercise feature! Its very helpful when I wanna work out. Only a few on them cost something. There are a couple you can choose from still. I'd recommend using that feature because you can do it inside! Hopefully this helps. Have a wonderful rest of your day/night!