I’m always the slowest person in the gym or fitness class, how do I get over anxiety from working out with other people?

Oana E.
I always do as much as I can stop when I can't, do the exercises in my own time. I'm the only one that knows my body, what it can and can't do. Work with your body not against it.

Tim C.
Everyone has to start somewhere. If you compare yourself to others you will never succeed. You alone can judge your journey. I find as well that most people are not worried about how others appear but how they appear to others. Just like you. Everyone is living their own story. Make yours count to you!

Erlend U.
The slowest isn’t the worst. We all have room for improvement, right? If this is important for you, find somebody who may help you. What about anxiety? We are afraid what other people think about us. But people mostly think about ourselves. We feel anxiety because we are judging yourself. I’m thinking about myself and believing those thoughts. But the question is other people judging me in the same way? The biggest truth is that we have no idea what other people are thinking and we never will.

But the most likely scenario is that the people around me are wondering what I think about them. Or something else related to themselves. And I’m the only one thinking all those negative thoughts about myself.

Gabriela T.
You have to keep doing exercise in front of other people. So your stress is going to get smaller every time until it disappears.

Stacey Z.
When I am nervous about my workout technique, I reassure myself that given time, I will become stronger & faster.
I like to remind myself that being different is a good thing- it gives life some spice! So, while some exercises may be difficult or awkward for someone else- you excel at them… and the reverse may be true for the other persons strength- it may be your weakness.
If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you- the whole reason we exercise. Don’t let your anxiety hold you back from achieving better mental & physical health!
Good luck 👊🏻

Michelle P.
Never compare yourself to others. Compare yourself now to yourself yesterday or a few years ago. Just focus on getting better and improving yourself. Celebrate your little victories and small achievements. And see others as inspiration instead.

Irmela F.
When I start a new class and am very slow, I remember what I think when I'm good at a class and see someone who is new or struggling. I always feel for them and think "Good on them for starting and trying". Everyone is in it together and struggling to get through it and usually everyone is just concentrated on themselves just trying to do their best so not thinking about anyone else. People are very self centred so don't worry about anyone else. It's about you and feeling great and making improvements to your health and life. Another thing I do is arrive early so that I can get a spot at the back of the class as that makes me feel more at ease at well.

Grey U.
Remember your workout is for YOU! It's not for the other people in class, and their judgements won't affect the benefit you receive. I am generally a slow-pace person, but I've seen the benefits of sticking to my training even when I have felt foolish. You might surprise yourself, too.

Brooklyn W.
Just remember that everyone else is focusing on themselves, not on you. This is YOUR journey. You are the main star. Your pace is the “normal” pace.

Adam Z.
Try to just focus on your own pace and fade them out! As they say winners focus on winning, losers focus on winners? True?

Barbara U.
I try to find a way to tune it out. Either by bringing someone along with me, or bringing music to listen to. The combination of good music and exhaustion from excercise since I'm rather out of shape makes it easy to forget anyone else is in the room with me.

Tjasa N.
Get little things to excite you. Work out with a friend you trust!
Pay attention to what you eat, how much hours of sleep you get and how is your lifestyle (maybe) affecting your progress.

Skye U.
Don’t worry about them. Remember why you are there, why you stepped foot into the gym or put on your running shoes. Remember the feeling of accomplishment and pride when you finish that workout and do so as if no one is watching because for the most part their not. My anxiety has a tendency to convince me that everyone is staring and whispering or thinking negatively about me but I remember I’m there to make myself better to be the best version of myself

Marissa Y.
Remember it’s not about speed it’s about quality. Try not to fret over being the slowest and focus on doing the exercises properly to prevent injuries. If the other people are giving you trouble for that it’s ok to find a new location.

Ayesha T.
I don't go out. Meeting with people is tough who will question bout marriage where I live ND kids etc. So these things stress me . Besides this I don't wanna move to any place

Maril Ia F.
When we try something new, or put ourselves in an environment that we don’t usually enter into, it is very easy to feel overwhelmed or anxious. However, almost everyone at the gym is feeling that same anxiety about being in a new environment. If you begin to feel overwhelmed, go to an area where you can sit down and take big, calming breaths. Try to find a mantra that you like, such as “I will maintain my focus on my workout.” And just remember, everyone else is feeling as awkward and anxious as you are. Yes, even the gym rats.

Christina F.
I have the same concern due to health problems, I create a playlist of my favorite music to get me going, it takes my mind off of the people around me.

Stephanie J.
The thing that helps me the most is reminding myself that I am on my own journey. Just like everybody else! I am going to be faster than other people at some things in life and they are going to be feeling just like you have been at the gym. But it is up to us to remember that everybody is going to be challenged with this very thing somewhere in their life.

Maybe today reflect on where you excel in life. Write down a list of all of the things that you do well, that you are fast at. Write that list next to the words "feeling slow at the gym" and see how you can appreciate where you DO excel in life and I think that will make anxiety at the gym seem a lot less important.

Also! The next time you notice someone feeling depleted because they aren't doing something as well as everyone around them, take them under your wing and tell them your story! Often our biggest challenges in life allow us to have a story to tell someone else to help them with their journey.


Safaa U.
Think of the purpose to exercising, does it really matter what others think? Take steady constant baby steps until u pick up

Mark E.
Try not to worry about it. I go to some classes that I haven't got a clue about. It's the fact that you are going and making a difference to your well-being that you should hold on to. Keep going and be the best you possible.

Allison P.
Just making it to the gym or a fitness class is an accomplishment to be proud of. Personally, I enjoy doing HIIT workouts at home so I don’t have to think about what I look like, but you can also remember that people are focused on their own workouts and probably don’t take much notice of how fast you’re going.

Jayden U.
Remember everyone is on their own personal journey and it isn’t a competition with others. You are there to improve yourself, so do just that. If you are better than yesterday then you can be satisfied. You don’t know how long others have been on their journey so why compare? Comparison is the thief of happiness. Just keep showing up and in no time you’ll be better than ever!

Parul N.
You are exercising for yourself, not for anybody wise. Then how does it matter what others think about your exercising? In fact if they have the time to think about your exercising, then they are not doing their job properly. But you are. So don't even look at anybody and do what your are there for

Adeline F.
Everyone has their own pace. Each individual is different and unique in their own ways. To start with accept that fact – you are unique. You have your own way of getting things done.
You are in the gym for yourself – not others. Concentrate on your body – your workout. Even though your pace is different from others.
Motivate yourself each day to reach the goals you set for yourself. Do not compete with others. Remember – this is for yourself – not to prove a point to others.

Ren S.
You are there for you. It‘s not a competition. Focus on what YOU are doing, set goals for yourself and set records for yourself. The other people there do not matter.

Алекс Стерн N.
Reminding that I'm here not for the other people, but for me, my body and my progress, that I should not force myself if I feel it's too early to make something harder or faster, always helps me.